Get a Brand New Yahoo! Mail Account

Create a New Yahoo! Account to Get Another Email Address

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With a new, free Yahoo! account, you get a new and untarnished email address with 1 TB of online storage; enough for over 50 million emails and image/video storage on Flickr. Plus, with the free mobile app, to can get into your Yahoo! email from anywhere.

A Yahoo! the account also gives you access to a news feed and notes section right there along with your email and address book.

See these Yahoo! Mail tips, tricks, and tutorials to get the most out of your new email account.

You can do things like managing other email accounts from within Yahoo! Mail (like Gmail and Outlook/Hotmail) and configure auto-replies for when you're on vacation.

Tip: You can easily delete your Yahoo! account if you end up no longer want it. Another option is to forward all your email to a different email address so you can check your mail elsewhere but no longer have to access your Yahoo! account.

Yahoo! Mail New Account Process

The best way to make a new Yahoo! the account is through the desktop website:

  1. Visit theĀ Yahoo Sign Up page.
  2. Enter your first and last name at the top.
  3. Continue on to your email address by picking a username. It will end up being set up as
  4. Choose a password but make sure it's hard to guess yet still easy enough for you to remember. Consider storing it in a free password manager if you make it really tough.
    Here are some examples of weak and strong passwords to give you an idea of what you should try
  1. Type in a phone number that can be used for account recovery.
  2. Finish the sign-up process by entering in your birthday and, optionally, your gender.
  3. Read through the Yahoo! privacy policy and terms of use, and then choose Continue.
  4. Make sure the phone number you entered is correct, and then click Text me an Account Key. If you'd rather get a phone call, choose to Call me with an Account Key.
  1. Enter the key to verify that you have access to that phone.
  2. Choose Verify.
  3. Click Let's get started to start using your new Yahoo! account.

Setting up Yahoo! Mail

You can get right into your new email account with this Yahoo! Mail link. However, if you want to access your new email from an email client program or a phone/tablet, you might need to know the exact mail server settings necessary for downloading and sending mail through a Yahoo! account.

  • IMAP settings are necessary if you want to be able to delete your email from a mobile device or desktop program and have the same messages removed from the email server.
  • POP settings let you download Yahoo! Mail but when you make changes like delete, read or move messages, they aren't reflected on the online account.
  • SMTP settings are needed so you can send mail through your Yahoo! account.