How to Create a Yahoo Alias

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Yahoo Messenger has been discontinued as of July 2018

Want to create a Yahoo alias for use in Yahoo Chat rooms? The Yahoo alias feature allows users to create new screen names strictly for chat without opening an additional account.

Whenever you enter a Yahoo Chat room with an alias, you can send and receive IMs and chat room messages, concealing your Yahoo ID from public view.

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Access Your Yahoo Account Information

Want to start creating a Yahoo alias? Begin by opening your account information using your Yahoo Messenger contacts list. Select Messenger > My Account Info to continue creating your Yahoo alias.


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Select Yahoo Alias Management

Next, your web browser will open your Yahoo Messenger account management panel.

Scroll down to the "Account Settings" section, and select the "Manage your Yahoo aliases" link, as illustrated above.

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Add a Yahoo Alias to Your Account

Next, select the "Add an Alias" link to create your new Yahoo alias. Yahoo aliases may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores; all other punctuation marks or spaces will not be accepted in your Yahoo alias.

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Enter Your New Yahoo Alias

A field will be created, prompting users to enter your new Yahoo alias. Type your Yahoo alias in the field provided, and click "Save" when finished.

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Your New Yahoo Alias is Ready for Use

Once complete, your new Yahoo alias will appear within your account settings, as illustrated above. You are now ready to use your Yahoo alias in Yahoo Chat rooms.