Create a Watermark on PowerPoint 2007 Slides

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Enhance Your Slides With a Watermark

Access the slide master in PowerPoint 2007 to create a watermark

Wendy Russell

A watermark can be added to all of your slides at once by placing the image on the slide master.

Watermarks can be as simple as a company logo placed in a corner of the slide to brand it or can be a large image that is used as the background for the slide. In the case of a large image, the watermark is often faded so that it does not distract the audience from the content of your slides.

Access the Slide Master

  1. Click on the View tab of the ribbon.
  2. Click on the Slide Master button.
  3. Select the first thumbnail slide in the left task pane. This will ensure that all slides are affected by the following steps.
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Insert the Image on the Slide Master

Insert ClipArt or Picture for a watermark in PowerPoint 2007

Wendy Russell

While still in the slide master:

  1. Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon.
  2. Select an option from the Illustrations section of the ribbon, such as ClipArt or Picture
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Locate the ClipArt or Picture

Search for ClipArt for a watermark in PowerPoint 2007

Wendy Russell

  • Using a picture
    • If you will be using a picture as your watermark, locate it on your computer and insert it on the slide master.
  • Using ClipArt
    • If you will be using clipart as your watermark, search the clipart for a suitable picture.
    • Click on the chosen clipart to insert it into the slide master.
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Move and Resize the Watermark

Move or resize photos on a PowerPoint 2007 slide

Wendy Russell

If this watermark is for something like a company logo, you may wish to move it to a specific corner on the slide master.

  • Moving a picture
    • Place the mouse over the center of the photo.
    • Drag the photo to the new location.
  • Resizing a picture
    • To resize the photo, drag a corner selection handle to enlarge or reduce the size of the photo. Using a corner selection handle will maintain the proper proportions of the picture.
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Picture Formatting

Format pictures in PowerPoint 2007

Wendy Russell

Once the picture is placed in the correct location and you are happy with the size, you will now format the picture to fade it so that it becomes less distracting in the presentation.

In the example shown, we have enlarged the picture so that it takes over a large portion of the slide.

  1. Right click on the picture.
  2. Choose Format Picture... from the shortcut menu.
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Fade the Watermark Image

Fade pictures to create watermarks in PowerPoint 2007

Wendy Russell

  1. In the Format Picture dialog box, make sure that Picture is selected in the left navigation list.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the Recolor button to see the options.
  3. For this exercise, I have chosen the Washout option under Color Modes. Depending on your particular presentation, you may choose a different color option.
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Adjust the Color Brightness and Contrast

Adjust picture brightness and contrast in PowerPoint 2007 to create watermark

Wendy Russell

Depending on your picture selection, the option Washout from the previous step may have faded the picture too much.

  1. Drag the sliders beside Brightness and Contrast and watch the changes on the picture.
  2. Click the Close button when you are happy with the results.
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Send the Watermark to the Back on the Slide Master

Send picture to back in PowerPoint 2007

Wendy Russell

One final step is to send the graphic object to the back. This allows all text boxes to remain on top of the picture.

  1. Right click on the picture.
  2. Select Send to Back > Send to Back
  3. Close the slide master

The new watermark picture will show on every slide.