Easy Steps to Creating a vCard in MS Outlook

Hand holding out a blank business card

Frederick Bass/Getty Images

vCards store contact information from an email client and are useful when sharing contacts. You can export information to a VCF file and then import that file into a different email program to transfer the contact information there.

You can export contact information to a vCard file in Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail using the simple steps below.

The term "Business Card" is also used to refer to vCards but that doesn't mean that they're reserved just for business use.

How to Create a vCard

Building a vCard amounts to creating an address book entry. Follow the appropriate steps below that apply to your email client:

Make vCard in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Switch to Contacts view from the left side of Outlook.

  2. From the Home menu, select New Contact.

  3. Enter all the information for the contact.

  4. Choose Save & Close from the Contact tab.

To export an Outlook contact to a VCF file for sharing or storing, follow these steps:

  1. Open the listing for the contact that you want to export.

  2. From that contact's page, go to File > Save As.

  3. Make sure the Save as type: is set to vCard Files (*.vcf), and then choose Save.

Make vCard in Windows Mail

  1. Select Tools > Windows Contacts... from the menu in Windows Mail.

  2. Choose New Contact.

  3. Enter all the information you want to be included with your vCard.

  4. Click OK to save the vCard file.

Make vCard in Outlook Express

  1. Navigate to Tools > Address Book from the Outlook Express menu.

  2. Choose New > New Contact.

  3. Enter the relevant contact information.

  4. Make the vCard with the OK button.