Simple Quizzes in PowerPoint

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Whatever your aim, creating a quiz in PowerPoint is easy with this short tutorial. You'll learn how to create a simple quiz with multiple answer choices. You can create more quizzes using VBA programming within PowerPoint or the Custom Shows feature, but if you want to make it simple and create a quiz that requires no extra programming skills, design slides with questions and links to right and wrong answers.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.

Enhance Your Presentation With a Quiz

There are so many ways a quiz can enhance your PowerPoint presentation. Here are a few ways to use quizzes to teach, inform, and engage your audience:

  • Use a quiz created in PowerPoint after a business presentation as an excuse to give away gifts to those who provide the right answers.
  • Create a basic quiz in PowerPoint for children in elementary school.
  • Create a quiz as an ice-breaker at a party or an orientation program.

Design Your First Quiz

A host and contestant on a mock game show.
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Before you create a quiz in PowerPoint, put together a list of questions. To make your quiz the best it can be, research and compile questions that bring out the best in your audience. Choose questions to have only one correct answer. Five questions in a presentation is a good number to start with.

In a quiz, each question requires a minimum of three slides — the question slide, a slide with the correct answer, and a slide for each incorrect answer. In this tutorial, a picture is used for each question to add visual content and relevance to the quiz.

Begin Your First Slide

To get started on your quiz, open PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation. Insert a new slide using the Title Only layout, type your question in the Title placeholder, and insert a picture in your slide.

Making your first slide

Add two text boxes for a True and False quiz. Or add three or more textboxes for a Multiple Choice quiz. One text box contains the right answer and the other text boxes contain wrong answers. Make sure that you do not provide a second answer that is correct or even partially correct to avoid confusion.

For a more exciting look, consider using WordArt, instead of regular text boxes for your multiple choice answers.

Create a Correct Answer Slide

Create a new slide for the correct answer. Be sure to provide a text box or some sort of navigation that leads viewers to the next question slide. You'll add a hyperlink to go to the next question slide after all your quiz slides are finished.

Creating answer slides

Create a Wrong Answer Slide

Create another slide that tells your audience that they've selected a wrong answer. Provide a text box or navigation element that leads viewers back to the question slide and give them a second chance to get the right answer to the question.

Add Hyperlinks to Slides

After you've created all of the question and answer slides, it's time to create hyperlinks between those slides.

On the question slides, select the text box that contains the correct answer. Press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K (Mac) on your keyboard to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. Select Place in This Document and choose the slide that contains the correct answer.

After you've linked to the slide with the right answer, select the text boxes for the wrong answers and create links to the slides that contain the wrong answers.

On the answer slides, add hyperlinks so that your audience advances to the next question if they answered correctly or are redirected back to the question if they chose the wrong answer.

Add Hyperlinks to Slides
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