Create a Pie Chart Graphic in PowerPoint

Pie charts show proportions of the whole

Create a pie chart in PowerPoint to visually demonstrate proportions of a whole. After you've created the basic chart, adjust the chart's data, alter its style, and update it on the fly.

Information in this article applies to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, and 2013; PowerPoint for Microsoft 365; and PowerPoint for Mac.

Create a Pie Chart in PowerPoint

A screenshot showing the TItle and Content slide layout in PowerPoint with the icon to insert a chart

Begin by adding a new slide using the Title and Content slide layout. Then, select the Insert Chart icon (it's the middle icon on the top row of the group of six icons shown in the body of the slide layout).

Another way to add a pie chart is to choose a blank slide in your presentation and select Insert > Chart.

Choose a Pie Chart Style

In the Insert Chart dialog box, select Pie and choose a pie chart style. There are several style of pie charts. Options include flat pie shapes, 3D pie shapes, and pie charts with exploded pieces. Select OK after you have made your selection.

A screenshot showing how to select a pie chart in PowerPoint

The pie chart styles and colors can be changed after the chart is created.

The Generic Pie Chart and Data

When you create a pie chart on a PowerPoint slide, the basic chart appears on the slide and the chart data appears in a worksheet window.

A screenshot showing the default pie chart and data worksheet in PowerPoint

If you don't see the worksheet window, select the chart and select Chart Tools Design > Edit Data.

You'll use the worksheet window to enter data for the pie chart by replacing the default data.

Edit the Pie Chart Data

Pie charts display comparative types of data, such as percentage figures for how much each of your monthly household expenses takes from your income. However, pie charts display one type of data, unlike column charts or line charts.

To edit the data in the worksheet window:

  1. Select the worksheet window to make it the active window.

  2. Edit the heading of the column in the generic data to reflect your own information.

  3. Edit the row headings in the generic data to reflect your own information. The chart updates to reflect your changes.

    A screenshot showing how to edit data in a pie chart in PowerPoint

To add new data rows, drag a corner handle of the highlighted data set.

Updated Pie Chart Reflects New Data

After you change the generic data to your own specific data, the information is immediately reflected in the pie chart. Add a title for your slide into the text placeholder at the top of the slide.

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