Create a Web Photo Gallery

Software and tips to post your photos online

With the web and a little bit of software, it's easier than ever to share your pictures with anyone online, even if you don't know HTML and you've never made a personal web page before! There's lots of software that can automatically generate photo galleries for the web.

Much of this software is free, or you may find this functionality built into the graphics programs you already own. Many photo editors and image management tools include web publishing features these days.

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Tools to Automate Your Web Gallery

Linked below is a roundup of tutorials for creating web photo galleries in popular software, plus links to more software with features for creating HTML photo albums and thumbnail index pages, all complete with hyperlinks and ready to upload. With the following information and the help of other guides, you'll have no excuse not to be sharing your favorite photo collections online.

  1. JAlbum: Not only is JAlbum reasonably priced but it's also loaded with features and is multiplatform compatible. There's hardly a reason to look elsewhere.

  2. How-tos for creating a variety of graphics: Step-by-step instructions for creating graphics in Photoshop.

  3. Free Online Photo Editors: Find free online photo editors to help you improve or tweak your photos for the web.

  4. Web editing suites: Software for generating the HTML for a web photo gallery and webpages.

  5. Photo editor tools for Macintosh: Free software for Macintosh that will allow you to edit photos for the web.

  6. XnView batch processing tool: This software can automate a variety of graphics processing tasks, and including features for creating web galleries.

  7. Free image hosting sites for photo blogging: If you don't want the hassle of HTML and FTP, setting up a photo blog (web-log) is a very easy way to post your photos on the web.

Find a Web-Hosting Provider

After you've created your photo gallery, you still need to find a web-hosting provider and upload the HTML files and images. You might even want to learn enough HTML to enhance your pages and give them more of a personal flair.

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