Best Sites for Creating and Sending Video Cards

Use one of these websites for a fun video greeting card

Video cards are a fun way to send online greetings. After you create your video card at one of the websites listed here, you can send the card to the recipient by email or by posting on Facebook or other social media sites. Most of the sites require you to upload photos or video, although some just allow text personalization to their stock video cards. Here are the top websites for creating and sending online video cards.

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With JibJab, you can create and send cool video cards that include pictures of yourself or friends. If you're not familiar with JibJab's creations, they are generally musical satires with real heads on animated bodies. JibJab offers video cards for all occasions, from "Baby" to "Sorry." You just need to upload a headshot, and the site takes care of all the rest. Some of the video cards are free, but you have to become a member to access many of the video card designs.

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American Greetings

Send your family and friends funny singing video greeting cards from American Greetings. Supply information about the recipient—likes, hobbies, work—and the site generates a personalized song to accompany any of the large selection of video card templates.

Whether you want William Shatner, a gospel choir, or a pirate dog to sing your personalized lyrics, American Greetings has you covered. 


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Animoto Video Cards

Animoto puts your photos and video into a beautifully animated digital card. You'll need to become an Animoto member to create a card, but the fee is reasonable considering the quality of the product. This site is less about animating your photos than about a professional presentation of a video that can be accompanied by music and your company logo.

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Upload your own video or photos to the Inviter website along with all the event details to generate a video invitation for a group of people. This site differs in that it offers customizable email templates that redirect to a guest page that is also customizable according to the event. Copy and paste the email addresses of people you want to invite and send out the invitation with one click.

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Renderforest has video card templates including a 3D birthday video card. You can use the company's templates along with the online video editor to promote your business or wish a friend "Happy Birthday." Renderforest uses your headshot and creates an animated video for you similar to JibJab, its better-known cousin.

of 06 offers a large selection of Save the Date cards and wedding invitations that are available in various video styles including Modern, Traditional, Animated, Story Based, North Indian, and Destination Wedding. The site itself creates the video using your supplied photos matched with your template choice. 


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