How to Create a Nimbuzz Account on a Mac

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How to Sign in to Nimbuzz for Mac

Nimbuzz for Mac Account

Whenever you first sign in to Nimbuzz for Mac, you will see your standard buddy list window. The only exception to the way your Nimbuzz contact list will appear, however, is the display is replaced with a sign in form, complete with text fields for your Nimbuzz username, or screen name, and password.

To sign in, enter your screen name and password, then click the blue "Sign In" button.

How to Create a Nimbuzz Account
New users who do not have a free Nimbuzz username or password will need to create one before they are able to use the messaging client.

To begin creating your account, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Nimbuzz for Mac on your desktop
  • Click on the "Create a Nimbuzz Username" link on the client window 
  • Click continue

Further instructions for creating your own Nimbuzz for Mac account can be seen in the next step. Continue: Creating Your Free Nimbuzz Account

Forget Your Nimbuzz Password?
Did you forget the password to your account? Users can click the "Forgot Password?" link to reset your password and gain access to your account. You will need to know your username and the email address attached to your Nimbuzz for Mac account.

Storing Your Nimbuzz Password

Users also have the option of checking the "Remember my password" option (underneath the password text field) to have the client store your password information. This option should only be enabled if you are using your own computer and you either are the only user, otherwise other users of the computer may be able to access your Nimbuzz account.

Never enable password storage for this or any other client software, email service, social network or similar service if you are using a public computer (i.e., at the library, Internet cafe, school or workstation).

Setting Your Nimbuzz Availability at Login
At the bottom of the sign in form, you also have the ability to sign in as online, away, busy or invisible, allowing you to communicate your level of availability to contacts from the beginning, or appear offline completely.

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Creating Your Free Nimbuzz Screen Name, Password

Nimbuzz for Mac

When you opt to create a new Nimbuzz for Mac account, users must enter their choice of username, or screen name, password, the repeated password (for verification, to ensure you have spelled the password correctly), phone number (optional, see below) and enter the Captcha in the text field provided.

Once you have filled out the form in its entirety, click "Continue" to create your new Nimbuzz for Mac account and password.

Things to Consider: New Nimbuzz Accounts

Screen Name: As a common beginner's mistake, never create a username which gives away too much information about yourself, as it could be used to discover your actual identity and other personal information about you. However, in this case, your Nimbuzz screen name will only be seen by you, the user, as Nimbuzz itself is not a network but a multi-protocol messaging client.

Password: As one of the 7 worst IM subjects, passwords should always be kept private. If anyone ever messages you, posing as an administrator for Nimbuzz or another messaging client, do not share your account password and contact the company that provides the messaging client directly for confirmation.

Phone Number: While entering your telephone number is optional, without it, you cannot use Nimbuzz for Mac's exciting VoIP services or Buzzing, which allows you to contact friends using their PC-to-phone service. Consider whether you would ever use these services before submitting the form. You may want to enter that telephone number after all.

Captcha: The Captcha is that string of words, letters and sometimes symbols you see on Internet forms, designed to prevent spammers from submitting information to the form's author. If you cannot read the Captcha, click the "try another picture" icon next to the text field to get another series of characters to enter.

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Install and Enable Growl Notifications for Nimbuzz for Mac

Nimbuzz Growl Notification Window

After signing up for your free Nimbuzz for Mac account, some users may be prompted to install Growl on their Mac, if they do not have it already on their computer.

Growl is the notification system used by Nimbuzz and a multitude of other messaging clients on the OS X platform. Without it, you may not know if someone is sending you an IM if you don't have Nimbuzz open.

How to Install Growl Notifications

If you receive a dialogue window, as illustrated above, simply click the blue "Install" button to continue. Follow any additional prompts to install the program.

If you skipped the Growl installation prompt the first time you opened Nimbuzz for Mac, you can still install Growl with relative ease. Simply visit the Growl website and download the latest version (titled "Growl," not "Grown SDK") of the software to your Mac.

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Welcome to Nimbuzz for Mac

Nimbuzz for Mac

Once you have logged in and taken care of any housekeeping issues, such as installing Growl notifications, you are officially ready to begin using Nimbuzz for Mac. Have fun!

Updated by Christina Michelle Bailey, 6/28/16