How to Create a New Word Processing Document in Pages '09

Select the Appropriate Document Type in Pages '09

How to Create a New Word Processing Document in Pages '09
If you'll be creating two or more related documents, be sure to select templates that share the same name, such as 'Classic' or 'Green Grocer.'.


Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are now available as individual apps from the Mac App Store. iWork ‘09 was the last version to be sold as a suite of office tools, with the last update of the ’09 product occurring in 2013.

If you still have iWork ‘09 installed on your Mac, you can upgrade to the latest version of each app for free by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch the Mac App Store.
  2. Select the Updates tab.
  3. You should see Pages, Numbers, and Keynote listed as available for update.
  4. Click the Update button for each app.

That’s it; after a few minutes, you should have the most recent versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote installed.

The article continues as originally written. Please note the instructions below apply to the version of Pages included with iWork ’09, and not the most recent version of Pages available from the Mac App Store.

Pages, part of iWork '09, is two programs rolled into one easy-to-use package. It's a word processor and a page layout program. Better yet, it lets you choose which program you want to use. When you create a new document, whether you want to use one of the supplied templates or start with a blank page, you start by selecting the side of Pages '09 you want to use: word processing or page layout.

You can create almost any type of document using either mode, but the word processing and page layout modes work decidedly differently, and each mode is more suited to some projects than others.

Create a New Word Processing Document

To create a new word processing document in Pages '09, go to File, New from Template Chooser. When the Template Chooser window opens, click one of the template categories under Word Processing.

Select a Template or a Blank Document

After you select a category, click on the template that best fits the type of document you want to create, or that catches your eye or appeals to you the most. If you want to get a slightly closer look at a template without actually opening it, use the zoom slider at the bottom of the Template Chooser window to zoom in on the templates. You can also use the slider to zoom out​ if you want to see more templates at the same time.

You'll notice that some template names are similar; for example, there's a Green Grocery Invoice, a Green Grocery Letter, and a Green Grocery Envelope. If you'll be creating two or more related document types, such as letterhead and an envelope, be sure to select templates that share the same name. This will help create a unified design across your documents.

When you've made your selection, click the Choose button in the lower right corner of the Template Chooser window.

If you don't want to use a template, click one of the Blank templates, in either portrait or landscape mode, as appropriate, and then click the Choose button.

Save the new document (File, Save), and you're ready to get to work.

Published: 3/8/2011

Updated: 12/3/2015