How to Create a New Message Using Stationery

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Hotmail was replaced by in 2013. does not have the same feature for using stationery, but you are able to create and use your own templates.

Create a New Message Using Stationery in Windows Live Mail

You do not need fancy fonts, bright backgrounds, and soothing sounds to compose fascinating emails. You can compose doubly fascinating emails using sizzling stationery. In Windows Live Mail, adding that light-and-sound oomph was an easy matter of applying the stationery.

To apply stationery to a message in Windows Live Mail:

  • Create a new message in Windows Live Mail.
  • Make sure rich-text formatting is enabled.
    • Select Format | Rich text (HTML) from the menu if you use plain text by default.
  • Select Format | Apply stationery | More stationery....
  • Find and highlight the desired stationery.
    • You can look in under My Stationery, Stationery and any other folder where you have saved downloaded stationery, of course.
  • Click OK.