How to Create a Mailing List in Outlook Express

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Outlook Express is no longer supported. In October 2005, Outlook Express was replaced with Windows Live Mail. In 2016, Microsoft announced that their Windows Live Mail desktop email program will no longer be supported. If you've already switched to Microsoft Outlook, learn how to create a mailing list in Outlook.

Create a Mailing List in Outlook Express

To mail a number of people at the same time easily, you don't need a fully blown (and complicated) mailing list server.

Outlook Express is enough. And setting up a mailing list in Outlook Express is easy.

To set up a mailing list using Outlook Express:

  • Select Tools | Address Book... from the menu in Outlook Express.
  • Select File | New Group... from the address book's menu.
  • Type the name of your mailing list in the Group Name: field.
    • This name can be anything you like. I have a group called "C++ Announce" for sending update notices about a C++ Web site, for example.
  • Click OK.

That's it!

Populating and Using Your List

Of course, your new mailing list is still empty. But it need not be for long: Adding members, sending a message to the list, and lost more is easy, too.

Mailing to Multiple Recipients

Keep in mind that you can send emails to only a limited number of recipients. The number allowed will depend on your email provider, but it can be as low as 25 addressees per message.

To email larger groups, you can use group mailing services.

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