How to Create a Group Email Contact List In Outlook

Organize Your Address Book to Start Sending Group Emails

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Mailing lists, email groups, contact lists... they're all the same. You can group together multiple email addresses to make it much easier to send messages to more than one person instead of selecting each address individually.

After the mailing list is created, all you have to do to send mail to the group is type the group name into the "To" box of the email.

Since Windows Live Hotmail messages are now stored on, Hotmail groups are the same as contact lists.

Create a Mailing List with Your Email

Follow these directions in order once you're logged on to Outlook Mail, or click this Outlook People link and then skip down to Step 4.

  1. At the top left of the Outlook, Mail website is a menu button. Click it to find several titles of more Microsoft-related products like Skype and OneNote.

  2. Click People.

  3. Click the arrow next to the New button and choose Contact list.

  4. Enter a name and any notes you want to add to the group (only you will see these notes).

  5. In the "Add members" section, start typing the names of the people you want in the email group, and click each one you want to be added.

  6. When finished, click the Save button at the top of that page.

How to Edit and Export Mailing Lists

Editing or exporting email groups on is really simple.

Edit an Email Group:

Return to Step 2 above but instead of choosing to make a new group, click the existing contact list you want to change and then pick the Edit button.

You can remove and add new members to the group as well as adjust the list name and notes. 

Pick Delete instead if you'd rather remove the group altogether. Note that removing a group does not delete the individual contacts that were a part of the list. To delete contacts requires that you select the specific contact entry first.

Export a Mailing List:

The process for saving email groups to a file is identical to how you export other contacts.

From the list of contacts, you can get to in Step 2 from above, choose to Manage > Export contacts. Select whether you want to export all the contacts or just certain folders of contacts, and then click Export to save the CSV file to your computer.