Create Your Home Page With Google Page Creator

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Signing Up for Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator Sign In
Google Page Creator Sign In.

Google Page Creator is as easy as writing a Word document. Point, click, and type your way to an easy to edit Web site using Google Page Creator. Hosting will be done on Google Page Creator too so you know your Web pages are safe. Publishing the Web pages you create with Google Page Creator is simple too, just one click of the mouse.

This is not for large sites, at least for now, they may give more space later for your Web pages but right now it is only 100MB. This is definitely big enough for a normal personal Web site. As long as you don't add a ton of pictures and graphics or sound files you will have plenty of space.

The very first thing you need to do if you decide you want to use Google Page Creator to build your website is to sign up for Google Page Creator. Google only gives out space at certain times and only to Google account holders.

If you want to get a Google account you can do so by asking someone who already has a Google account (also known as Gmail which is also an online email program) to send you an invite. The other way is to sign up using your cell phone.

Once you have your Google account and you have signed up to sign up for Google Page Creator you wait. Wait for them to send you an email telling you that your Google Page Creator account has been enabled. The email will tell you to go to and sign in. Let's Get Started!

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Accept Google Page Creator Terms and Conditions

Agree to Google Page Creator's Terms and Conditions
Agree to Google Page Creator's Terms and Conditions.

Once you have received your email from Google Page Creator telling you that your Google Page Creator account has been enabled you need to sign in to Google Page Creator using the instructions in the email and your Google username and password.

After you sign into Google Page Creator you will be taken to a page ​where you need to agree to Google's terms and conditions. On that page are mentioned a couple of the attributes that Google Page Creator offers. Here are a few:

  • Publish Page With One Click - After you create a Web page using Google Page Creator you can click the "Publish Page" button and your page will be immediately viewable online.
  • AutoSave - Never again will you lose your Web page because your computer crashed, your electricity went out or your kid hit the delete button. All your work is automatically saved.
  • See As You Create - As you build your Web page you will see what it looks like. No hard to use tools, just Web page.

Read the "Terms and Conditions". If you agree to them, click the checkbox and then the button that says "I'm ready to create my pages".

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Create a Title and Subtitle

Create a Title on Google Page Creator
Create a Title on Google Page Creator.

Now you will see the editing screen for your home page. Toward the top, you will see the given title for your Website. Let's start creating the home page by changing the title. Remember, the title is what people will see first and should reflect more than just a name, it should be descriptive or funny or whatever you feel your Web site will convey to the world.

  • Highlight the text that appears in the title line of your home page. Then type the title you want to use for your Web site.
  • If you want a subtitle for your Web site click on the subtitle bar and type in the subtitle you want for your Web site.
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Content and Footer for Your Home Page

Create Content With Google Page Creator
Create Content With Google Page Creator.

The footer of your Web site can be anything you want it to be, or you can skip it all together. You could use a favorite saying here if you want. This would give more of a personal feel to your Web site.

  • To create a footer just click on the footer area and type what you want the footer to say.

Content is Key

What you write on your home page will set up the whole feel of your entire site. If you write little or nothing people will not venture further into your site to find out what else is there for them. If you describe your site and tell them what they are going to find on your site and how that may relate to them then they may decide it's worth their time and go on to read more.

Adding content to your home page is just as easy as adding everything else that you've added so far.

  • Click on the content area and start typing.
  • When you want to add a space between paragraphs just hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • On the left are some buttons you can use to make your content look better. I'll explain this on the next page.
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Make Your Content Look Good

Edit Content in Google Page Creator
Edit Content in Google Page Creator.

Look to the left side of the edit screen and you will see a bunch of buttons. Each one does something different to make your content look better. You can also add links and pictures.

  • Image - Add photos, graphics and clip art to your Web pages.
  • Link - Add links to other pages on your Web site or to other Web sites.
  • b - Make the selected text bold.
  • i - Make the selected text show in italics.
  • 3 dots with 3 lines - Creates bulleted lists just like the one you're reading right now.
  • T - Lets you change the color of your text. Just choose a color from the pop-up table.
  • F - Changes the style of your text. Choose from Normal, New Times Roman, Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Trebuchet, and Veranda. You can even see what they look like before you choose one.
  • tT ​- Make your text very small, normal size, large or huge.
  • Bunch of lines - These three buttons are side by side because they are all related. The one one the left will make all your text align to the left side of the page. The one on the right will align your text to the right. The one in the center will center all your text.
  • AaThere are four of these buttons. They turn your text into a header or section title. Say you want to break your page up into different sections, you would do this with a header. They are all different sizes so you can choose how important the header should be.
  • Edit HTML - On the bottom is a link that allows you to change the code if you really want to.
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Change the Look of Your Homepage

Change the Look in Google Page Creator
Change the Look in Google Page Creator.

At the top righthand corner of the editing page is a link that says "Change Look", click on this link. On the next page, you will see a whole lot of different looks you can use on your Web page. They come in different colors, different layouts, and different styles. Pick the one you think you like best for your Web site.

When you have decided on the look you want for your page click on the "Select" link under the picture or on the picture itself. You will be brought back to your editing page but now you will see the new look show up so you can see what your page will look like.

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Change the Layout of Your Homepage

Change the Layout of your Google Page Creator Page
Change the Layout of your Google Page Creator Page.

Just as you can change the look of your page you can also change the layout of your page. This will create different areas on your page where you can add different text or some pictures if you want. Click on the link that says "Change Layout" on the top right-hand corner of your editing page.

There are four layouts to choose from. Decide what you want your page to look like and what kinds of things you want to put on your page and choose the layout you want to use. When you have decided on the layout you want to use click on it. You will be taken back to your editing page where you can see the new look of your page.

Some layouts won't work with some looks. Try one, if you don't like the way it looks you can always change it later.

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Undo, Redo

  • Undo - Mistakes happen and Google Page Creator offers an eraser for you. It's the "Undo" button. Whenever you do something on your page that you don't like all you have to do is click the Undo button. Clicking on this button will take you right back to the way the page looked before you did the last thing you did to your page.
  • Redo If you Undo and then decide you did like it better you don't have to retype anything. Just click the "Redo" button. Redo will put back what you have undone. I don't know how far back you can undo, or redo, but it's pretty far.
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Preview, Publish

  • Preview - Whenever you want to see what your Web page will look like if you published it just click on the "Preview" button. Preview will open a new window where you can see what your Web page will look like in real size without any of the edit buttons surrounding it. Now you can see what you don't like and go back and change it before you publish it.
  • Publish - Once you click the "Publish" button your page will be live on the Internet for all to see. You can then send your friends a link to your Web page so they can see it too.​
    • Click the publish button and wait.
    • When the page has been published the "Publish" button will change to "Published" and the "Preview" link will change to "View live".
    • Click on the "View live" button and your new Web page will pop up in a new window.
    • If you want to send the link to your friends you can either copy the address of the page from the address bar in your browser and email it to them or you can click on "File" at the top of your browser and then on "Send Link" and email it to them that way.
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Build Another Page

A Website is made up of many Web pages all put together. You can create different pages about different things or about different people in your family, or anything else you want. Now that you have created your first page you are ready to build page two of your Google Page Creator Website.