How To Create a List in Google Maps

Send recommendations to your friends in 5 easy steps

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Thanks to a Google Maps feature, you can curate a list of your favorite locations then send the entire set of place to friends who use an Android device or iPhone, and have the Google Maps app installed.

This capability rocks for sending people carefully selected sets of recommendations, like your favorite downtown bars or suburban sushi joints.

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Find the Thing You Want to Add to a Google Maps List

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The first step in creating a new Google Maps list is to find the first thing you want to add to that list. Use the search box. When you see the place you want in the search results, tap it.

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Go to the Page for That Place

Visit the location's page

After you’ve selected a location, at the bottom of the page you’ll see the name of the location you’re looking for, as well as how long it will take you to get there if you were to leave your current location right now.

Tap the location at the bottom of the page to bring it up to a full screen.

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Tap Save

Hit the 'Save' button

The company’s business page should tell you its average rating on Google and offer a brief description of what happens there. For example, a search for Magnolia Brewing Company in San Francisco says that it's a "gastropub & brewery serving seasonal & artisanal American fare, plus draught & cask beer.”

Below the company’s name and above its description you’ll see three buttons: a button to call the business, one for its website, and a Save button. Tap Save.

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Select the Google Maps List You Want

Select your list

When you save the location, several list options appear. You can save the location your favorites, places you want to go, starred place, or “New List.”

You can pick any of these you want, but if you want to share it later, it's probably smart to tap New List. 

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Name Your Google Maps List

Name your list

When you select New List a box will appear asking you to name your list. Give your list a name that describes what it is enough that it will be easy for you — and the people you send it to — to find it later on. Your list’s name must be fewer than 40 characters, so be creative, but try to not get too long-winded.

When you’ve come up with the perfect name tap Create at the bottom right. You’ll see a brief pop up letting you know that your location was saved to the list.

If you want to see everywhere you have saved, you can tap on the link within that popup to pull up your whole list as it is now.

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Add Something Else to Your Google Maps List

Keep adding more items

Repeat steps 1-4 for each item you want to add to your list, and then instead of adding a new list as in Step 5, select the list you created from the menu when it appears. 

Sharing Your List

After you've fleshed out your list, you can pull it up whenever you want by clicking the three lines on the left side of the search box and then selecting Your Places and from there, tap the Saved tab, and then tap your list.

While you're in a list, you can share in by tapping the sideways V at the top of the page. Tapping that link will generate a link that you can then paste into a text message, tweet, email, or whatever else you'd like.