How to Create a Google Account

Enjoy the benefits of Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and more

Google Mobile Services icons on a screen
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Most users are familiar with Google's search capabilities, but Google offers an array of powerful services that go beyond search, including Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Calendar, and more.

To add, use, and manage any of Google's products, you need just one Google account, with just a single username and password. Signing up for a Google account is free and easy. Here's how to do it.

If you're not sure if you already have a Google account, check by visiting the Google Accounts password change page. Enter an email address you may have used to create a Google Account. Google will tell you if it recognizes the email address or not.

Create Your Google Account

  1. In a web browser, go to the Google account signup page.

    the Google Account signup page
  2. Enter your first name and last name in the fields provided.

  3. Create a username, which will be your Gmail address in this format:

    creating a Google Account, entering name and password
  4. Enter a password and confirm it.

  5. Select Next.

  6. Enter your phone number (optional), recovery email address (optional), birthday, and gender (optional).

    Google Account signup, with birthday and gender
  7. Select Next.

  8. Read Google's Privacy and Terms and select I Agree.

    Google's Privacy and Terms, part of Google Account creation
  9. Your new Google account has been created and you can start using your Gmail address and Google's other products.

    Google Account welcome screen after account creation

    Access your personal information, privacy, and account preferences at any time by heading to and signing in.

Explore Google's Products

To see and learn about all of Google's products, navigate to the Google Products page:

  1. In the top right corner of the Google screen, select the icon that looks like a keypad. You'll see a pop-up menu of Google product icons.

    Google Product icons

    The most popular products, such as Search, Maps, and YouTube, are displayed at the top.

  2. Scroll down and select More From Google to access additional products.

    More From Google to access more Google Account products
  3. You'll be taken to the Google Products page, where you can learn about and access all of Google's products.

    Google's Products Page