How to Create a Free Internet Blog

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Creating a blog might seem like a daunting task, and you might not know where to begin. Truth be told, it's very easy to create a blog, and you can even make an absolutely free one.

However, you should be aware that you can not make a free blog on a regular URL. It instead must exist on a platform that is giving out the blog space for free.

For instance, if were giving out free blogs, they might give you a URL that says <yourname> You can't make your own free website or blog like

To create your own free blog in less than an hour, follow the simple tips below.

Decide on a Blogging Platform

The platform through which you blog will determine the URL of your blog. For example, if you were able to create a blog on Lifewire, it may have a URL like

Look through this list of blogging platforms for some popular options. If you're not too tech savvy or specific and don't care all that much about reviewing all the options there are, then you can just jump right in with a free blogging platform like Blogger or

Some other free blogging platforms include Yola, WIX, Contentful, Medium, and LiveJournal.

If you plan on purchasing a blog, you might want to read through some of these questions to ask yourself before you commit to one.

Register for an Account

If you know the blog platform you'd like to use, go ahead and run through the registration process to make your user account and pick a name for your blog. There's a little more on picking a domain name below if you want help with that.

Since Blogger and are both free, read our tutorial on how to start a free blog with or how to start a free blog with to learn the specifics on creating a blog on one of those platforms.

More Information on Creating a Blog

Though you're not required to know much about customizing in order to start blogging, there are some things you should keep in mind if you need guidance.

  • During the registration process for your new blog account, you'll need to choose a domain name and blog theme. Like what's mentioned above, you can not start a blog on a non-freely-available domain name like,, etc. This is why most free blogs have URLs like <blogname>
    • However, with that being said, you can still make a free blog at Blogger (or other places like and then later choose to redirect your blog to your own domain name so it has a more professional looking URL.
  • You also might want to take a few minutes before you actually start blogging to customize some of the other preferences for your blog that your blogging software supports, like the author name and comment moderation process.
  • There are many more ways you can customize your blog with plugins, feeds, blogrolls, and more, but if you just want a simple blog, there is no requirement to do any customizations before you start publishing.