How to Do Facebook Live

Livestream via your favorite social media platform

You can connect with your Facebook friends or fans live and in real-time when you launch a live streaming video. It's free and easy to do, both on the web from a computer and via the Facebook app from your mobile device.

How to Do Facebook Live on the Web From a Computer

If you have a webcam either built into your laptop or connected to your desktop computer, you can go live via

  1. Navigate to in the Google Chrome web browser and sign into your account, if necessary).

    Facebook has recommended that you use Google Chrome for going live. If you try to use a different web browser, you might see a message advising you to use the latest version of Google Chrome for your live video.

  2. You can go live from the News Feed, from your Profile or from a Page you manage.

    From your the News Feed, select the three dots in the bottom right corner of the Create Post field at the top and then select Live Video.

    A screenshot of

    From your Profile or Page, select the Live Video button that appears at the top of the Create Post field.

    A screenshot of
  3. Make sure that your webcam is working and connected.

    You may have to update your Chrome browser settings to allow access.

  4. On the Connect tab, use the box on the right to:

    • Choose where you want to share your live video (on your Timeline, in a Group, in an Event or on a Page you manage);
    • Say something about the live video; and
    • Add a title for your live broadcast (optional).
    A screenshot of
  5. Select the blue Go Live button in the bottom right corner.

    Facebook Live can also work with streaming software. Copy the Server URL and/or Stream Key to enter into your software settings before you go live.

How to Do Facebook Live on the App From Your Mobile Device

You can also use Facebook Live via the official Facebook app for iOS or Android. In fact, Facebook Live on the app comes with a couple extra features that the web version doesn't currently offer.

The following instructions will be shown using the Facebook iOS app. Android users will be able to follow along, but might notice a few slight differences.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android device (and sign into your account if necessary).

  2. Just like the web version, you can go live from the News Feed or from your Profile or a Page you manage on the app:

    • From the News Feed, tap the Live button beneath the What's on your mind? field.
    • From your Profile, tap inside the What's on your mind? field and then tap the Live Video option.
    • From a Page you manage, tap the Live button beneath Create a post.

    You might need to allow Facebook to access your device's camera and microphone.

  3. You can do a number of things to customize your live video before you go live:

    • Flip the camera: Tap the camera icon in the top left to switch between your front and rear-facing camera.
    • Activate flash: Tap the flash icon in low light to brighten up the video.
    • Collect donations: Tap the three dots in the top right followed by Add a donate button.
    • Write a description: Tap on the text that says Tap to add a description... to tell viewers what your video is all about.
    • Add effects: Tap the magic wand icon to apply fun filters and effects to your live video.
    • Add a theme: Tap the plus sign button to set different themes for your live video.

    You can invite other users to host your live video with you by tapping the Bring a Friend theme. When they accept your invitation, you and your guest will appear in the live video in a split screen.

  4. Select where you want to share your live video by tapping the To: field at the top (Public, Story, Friends, Friends except..., Groups, etc.)

    A screenshot of the Facebook app for iOS.
    A screenshot of the Facebook app for iOS.
    A screenshot of the Facebook app for iOS.
  5. Tap the blue Start Live Video button when you're done.

What Happens During and After You Go Live

When you go live, you'll see a viewer count at the top of your video to show you how many people are tuned in to watch your video. You'll also see reactions and comments as they come in from your viewers.

If you experience any abusive or unwanted behavior in the comments, you can tap on any commenter's profile picture and select Block to take them out of the live video and prevent them from accessing it again.

When you want to end your live video, select Finish on the web or tap the X on the app. You'll be given the options to download the live video to have a copy for yourself and post it to your Timeline or Page so that friends or fans have the opportunity to watch it later.