How to Create an Email Signature in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Sign your emails automatically

The signature at the end of an email is certainly not its most important part, but it is the appropriate place for your full name, contact information and a witty quote maybe. It is also the place to market yourself every time you send an email. The signature is the most easily created part of any message in AIM Mail and AOL Mail.

Instructions in this article apply to AOL Mail using Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac OS X or newer.

Create an Email Signature in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

In AOL, you can create up to five signatures. After you set up your AIM Mail or AOL Mail signature one time, it is automatically added to the bottom of the email (or right before the quoted text in replies) of any email you write. You can remove it selectively by deleting the text.

  1. Log in to your AOL Mail or AIM Mail account.

  2. Select Options in the upper-right corner of the inbox screen and choose Mail Settings.

    Options and Mail Settings in AOL Mail
  3. Select Compose in the left pane.

    Compose heading in AOL Mail settings
  4. Select Use Signature in the Signature section.

    Use Signature option in AOL Mail setting
  5. Type the desired text of your email signature.

    Try to keep your signature to a few lines of text.

    Signature text in AOL Mail settings
  6. Select Use Rich Text / HTML Editing and use the formatting toolbar to add text styles and images.

    Use Rich Text/HTML Editing option in AOL Mail settings
  7. Include the standard signature delimiter if desired.

  8. Select Save Settings and return to the inbox.

    Save Settings in AOL Mail settings

Modify the email whenever you like to make updates and changes. Remember to select Save Settings to save the modifications.

To turn off the signature, go back to the Compose section in Mail Settings and select No Signature in the Signature drop-down.

No Signature option in AOL Mail settings

Tips for Email Signatures

Keep a few things in mind when setting up a new email signature. Other than your name, title, and contact information:

  • Limit the signature to five or fewer lines. Use the "pipe" character (|) between elements if you need to fit more on a line, such "street address | city | state."
  • For a business signature, include your company's full address and contact information and —where appropriate—website address or Facebook URL.
  • Don't overlook this opportunity to market yourself or your business with a call to action.
  • If the email is not business-related, include your personal social network platform information or a quotation that you like.