How To Create an Apple ID Without a Credit Card

No credit card? No problem.

There are scenarios when it's wise to create an Apple ID without your credit card details.

Using an Apple ID—an iTunes account—set up with a payment option on your iPhone is obviously convenient when you want to quickly buy music and other audio content from the iTunes Store. At other times, however, you simply don't need to put your financial information on the internet.

One instance is when you allow your kids with their own account to download free content. Things like Audiobooks, podcasts, iTunes U and music apps for your phone are often free and therefore don't need a credit card. Denying children the right to buy items from iTunes without your permission can help avoid busting the family media budget.

Create a New Apple ID Using a Free App Purchase

When you create a new Apple ID you'll be asked to supply a payment method, like a credit card, to complete the sign up process. However, you can get around this requirement by first selecting a free app on the iTunes Store:

  1. Tap the App Store icon on the iPhone's main screen.

  2. Locate a free app that you would like to download. A quick way to do this is to tap the Top Charts icon near the bottom of the screen and then tap the Free menu tab (at the top of the screen).

  3. Tap on the Free button next to the app you want to download and then choose Install App when the option appears.

Create a New Apple ID (iTunes Account)

  1. After selecting a free app to download you will see a pop-up menu appear. Tap the Create New Apple ID button.

  2. On the next screen, select the correct country or region that matches your location. The default should already be correct, but if it isn't then simply tap the Store option to change it. Tap Next when done.

  3. Read the terms and conditions and the Apple privacy policy and then tap the Agree button. Another dialog box will now appear asking you to confirm your decision. Tap Agree again to continue.

  4. On the Apple ID and Password screen, tap the Email text box and enter the email address you want to use and then tap Next. Choose a strong password for the account, tap Next and then enter it again in the Verify text box. Tap Done.

  5. Scroll down the screen to complete the Security Info section. Answer the three questions to continue your enrollment. Tap on each question and answer text box in turn to complete the information.

  6. Use the Optional Rescue Email text box to provide an alternative email address just in case you need to reset the account.

  7. Tap on the Month, Day, and Year text boxes to enter your date of birth details. If you are setting the account up for a child, then ensure he or she is at least 13 years old to meet the minimum age requirement. Click Next to continue.

  8. On the Billing Information screen, tap the None option as your payment type. Scroll down and fill in the remaining text boxes for your billing address and telephone number. Tap Next.

Completing the Sign-up Process

The last part of the sign-up process involves verifying your account.

  1. A message should now be displayed on-screen notifying you that an email has been sent to the address you provided. To continue, tap the Done button.

  2. Check the email account to see if there's a message from the iTunes Store. If so, look in the message for a Verify Now link and click on it.

  3. Shortly after you complete enrollment, a screen will appear asking you to sign in. Type your Apple ID and password and then tap the Verify Address button to complete the registration process.

You should now be able to download free music, apps, and other media from the iTunes Store using an account that doesn't hold any payment information. You can of course add this information at a later date if necessary.

You will not be able to select None as a payment option if your address is not in the country you're in.

iPhone and credit card

Removing Payment Information from an Existing Apple ID

You need not create a new Apple ID if you want to deny your financial details. Go to the Settings app, select your name from the very top of the list then tap Payment & Shipping. Remove any modes of payment currently on file.

You cannot remove a method of payment if:

  • You owe Apple something
  • You have an app subscription currently active
  • Your Family Sharing settings disallow it
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