4 Steps to Creating an Audiobook in iTunes from MP3s

Join Multiple MP3s Together to Make Audiobooks

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If you've got a series of recordings or ripped tracks (from a CD based audiobook)  that you want to splice together into an audiobook (similar to the M4b format), you can do this in iTunes without having to use third-party software. You can bookmark audiobooks (either in the iTunes software media player or on your iPod/iPhone for example), which makes it far easier to follow a book that could be a few hours long.

4 Simple Steps to Create an Audiobook in iTunes from MP3s

Follow the simple steps below to see how to join multiple audio files together to create an audiobook in iTunes that has chapters.

  1. Displaying the Files in Your iTunes Library -- With your iTunes software running, locate the Library section in the left window pane. Click on the Music menu option to list all the files in this category.
  2. Select MP3s to Combine -- Hold down the [CTRL Key] (Mac: [Command Key]) on your keyboard and click on the tracks you want to include in your custom built audiobook. Right-click and choose the Get Info option when you have highlighted the files you want to include. If you see a pop-up message appear asking if you want to edit information for multiple items, just click the Yes button to proceed.
  3. Creating the Custom Audiobook -- On the Multiple Item Information screen, click the Options menu tab. Click the drop-down menu for the Media Kind option and select Audiobook from the list. Click the drop-down menu next to the Part of a Compilation option and choose Yes. Finally, do the same thing for the Remember Position option by clicking the drop-down menu next to it and selecting Yes from the list. Click OK to proceed.
  1. Checking Your Custom-made Audiobook -- To verify that the multiple tracks you selected have been merged into an audiobook, click the Books menu option (found in the Library section) in the left pane of iTunes. Double-click on the newly made audiobook to start it playing. You should also see that the audiobook has multiple chapters that are the individual tracks which were combined earlier. You should now find that iTunes will also remember the playback position if you stop it before the end of the last chapter.

    Rolling Back Changes

    If you want to reverse the above procedure in the future to split your custom audiobook back into its original components, it's easy to do. Here's how:

    • Right-click the audiobook in the Books category and choose Get Info.
    • Click the Options menu tab.
    • Change the Media Kind option to Music
    • Change the Part of a Compilation option to No.
    • Change the Remember Position option to No.
    • Click OK.

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