How to Create an Alias Email Address in

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How to Create an Alias Email Address in Martin Palombini / Getty Images

Separate address es are so elegant a manner to keep apart disparate kinds of mail arriving, one should not need to set up multiple email accounts to use them.

With, you can get the elegance and utility and filtering prowess of multiple addresses by adding new aliases to your existing account. It's easy, and offers to set up a filing rule to go with the address. Of course, you can also send new messages and replies using the alias.

Create an Alias Email Address in

To set up a new ("", "", "", etc.) email address you can use with your account:

  • Select the settings gear in
  • Choose More mail settings from the menu that appears.
  • Follow the Create an Outlook alias link under Managing your account.
  • Enter the username part of the new email address alias under Email address.
  • Pick a domain name following @.
  • Click Create an alias.
  • To set up a rule for automatically filing messages received at the new alias address to a special folder:
    • Choose a folder under An existing folder: or set up a new one by typing its desired name under A new folder.
    • Click Done.
      • (You can change or remove the rule automatically set up for handling messages sent to the alias address later.)