Create Alexa Routines to Run Multiple Tasks with a Single Command

Automate groups of tasks with a single command

What to Know

  • Create a routine: Select Routines in the Alexa app menu, tap the Plus icon (+) icon, select When This Happens, and then choose Voice.
  • To run a routine on a schedule: Go to the When This Happens screen and tap Schedule.
  • To modify or delete a routine: Go back to the Routines section in the Alexa app and choose the routine you want to change.

This article explains how to create Alexa routines to run multiple tasks with a single command. Routines work with any compatible Echo device, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Show, Plus, or Spot, as well as other smart devices.

How to Create Alexa Routines With Voice Commands

Here's how to create a Routine triggered by a voice command in the Alexa app on your mobile device.

  1. Select Routines from the Alexa app menu.

    A screen shot in the Alexa app of the main screen showing Routines.
  2. Select the Plus icon (+) icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select When This Happens, and then choose Voice.

    A screen shot in the Alexa app with Voice as an option.
  4. On the When You Say screen, enter your voice command next to Alexa. (For example, enter the phrase Good morning.)

  5. Select Add action, and then choose which action Alexa completes. (For example, choose Traffic to get a traffic report.)

  6. Under From, select which device controls the routine.

  7. Tap Create.

  8. Add additional actions to your Routine by selecting Add Action and following the steps above.

    To modify or delete a Routine, go to the Routines section in the Alexa app. Choose a Routine listed in the Enabled section to make your changes.

How to Create a Routine to Run on a Schedule

When you create a Routine based on a schedule, define the time and days you want it to run. You might configure a work-related morning Routine that gets you up early with news and traffic, and a weekend Routine that wakes you up late to music on Spotify.

To create an Alexa routine that runs at a specific time:

  1. Select Routines from the Alexa app menu.

  2. Select the Plus icon (+) icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select Add Action.

  4. Select When This Happens.

    A screen shot in the Alexa app with Add Action showing.
  5. Select Schedule.

  6. Select At Time and set the time the routine should run.

    A screen shot in the Alexa app showing the options to schedule an action.
  7. Select Done.

Have some fun with your Alexa routines. Configure Alexa to wish you a good day, give you a compliment, sing a song, or tell a joke. Play music from Amazon, your library, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, or iHeartRadio. Start any smart device, such as a coffee maker or lamp.

What Are Alexa Routines?

Amazon’s Alexa can automate how your Echo device and other smart home devices perform tasks with Routines. For example, a Routine could include Alexa turning down the thermostat, turning off the lights, and locking the doors when you say, "Alexa, I'm going to bed." If you don't have smart devices, a simple Routine could have Alexa wake you at 7 a.m., tell you about the weather, and give a traffic report.

Routines can be configured to run automatically at a specific time, as well, without the need even to say a command.

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