Create a YouTube Channel Tutorial

Simple Steps to Follow

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Creating a YouTube Account.

It's easy to create a YouTube channel of your own to share videos online. Follow the steps below to make a YouTube channel:

Get a YouTube Account

To create a YouTube channel, you first need a YouTube account. Google owns YouTube and will accept Google account credentials to register you for Youtube. So go to and sign in with your existing Google account if you have one and want to link it to YouTube, or create a new Google account by clicking "sign in" and then "Create Account" and filling out the required forms.

By default, your Google username will become your username on YouTube and on your YouTube video channel, but you can change the channel name during setup.

There are slight differences in how you create a YouTube channel depending on whether you're creating one as an individual or as a group or business. This article explains in detail the YouTube account signup for individuals. This article explains the YouTube account signup process for a business, product or brand.

Either way, for personal or business, note that you will have three naming decisions in the new account signup process--the first/last name of a real person to associate with your Google/YouTube account, the username on the new Google/YouTube account, and a video channel name once you're registered for YouTube.

Have an Existing Google Account? 

If you want a YouTube channel attached to a Google user ID that you're already using, then go to and sign in with your Google ID.

if you're already signed into Google, it will recognize your ID and present you with the screen pictured above if you activate any links pertaining to uploading videos or creating a YouTube channel. Basically, it will ask your approval to automatically create a new video channel for your Google ID.

These channels also come by default with a Google+ profile for social networking. It will ask how you want to appear or be identified on your video channel and give you a small link to change your public name if you want to associate the channel with a group or business name, for example.

Name Your YouTube Video Channel

Separately from your YouTube username (which is the username of the video channel creator) you can create a special name for your video channel on YouTube. This is one of the final steps you'll be presented in registering for YouTube. You don't have to do much more than register for the site in order to make a YouTube channel. By default, a video channel is automatically created for each user to go with their YouTube account.

First, though, you get an opportunity to name your channel at the end of the account signup process. Just click the "MyChannel" link to designate your channel name. If you're a business, it's a good idea to make the name reflect your company's brand or the product(s) that you will be promoting through videos. To use YouTube for personal reasons or as an individual, it's a good idea to create a YouTube channel with a name reflecting the type of videos you'll be sharing.

After you've named your video channel, go find its URL or Web address to share with friends. Just click on your username on any YouTube page while you are signed in. It will take you to your YouTube channel, where you can copy the Web address you'll need for sharing it from the address bar of your Web browser. The address will be whatever you chose as your channel name appended to the end of, as in "". While you're editing it, it's a good idea keep your channel private by unchecking the "visibility" box under "info and settings." That way, people won't see it until you are ready.

Your YouTube video channel page can do more than show links to all your uploaded videos. It also can offer video playlists, and link to other channels that you like or want to feature. There is also a "feed" tab spotlighting recent activity by you in your channel and elsewhere on YouTube, and comments that people have left on your videos. The "videos" tab has two options, one showing your most recently uploaded videos and the other showing your curated playlists. The "featured tab" lets you highlight your own videos and those of other users.

Customize Appearance

Click the "Edit Channel" button to access your channel settings, then click on the "Appearance" tab in the settings area to customize the design of your YouTube channel. It lets you do things like select a background color or image, add a profile image or avatar (a square image). If you apply for a brand channel (businesses can create these) You can also add a custom banner image to appear across the top of the page.

Finally, you can vary the layout of your YouTube channel homepage by clicking the "Featured" tab under your Channel Settings. It lets you pick from among four layout options: Creator, Blogger, Network, Everything. Creator is perhaps the most popular because it lets you pick one video to feature at the top of your page and then displays your playlists at the bottom. Blogger is interesting for folks who add a lot of newsy videos because it displays them in reverse chronological order, like a blog.

Upload a Video

Now you'll need to upload a video to your channel before people can see and interact with it. So either record a video or find one you've previously recorded. Then get started by clicking the "Upload" button. It will present you with a choice-- "select files from your computer," upload multiple files or record a video with your webcam.

Your permissible video length is capped at 15 minutes or a file size of 2GB until you've maintained your account in good standing and requested permission to upload longer ones. This page explains how to apply for permission to upload longer videos and larger files.


YouTube does NOT support plain image files like .jpg or audio files like MP3. You have to convert those to video slideshows if you want to post them on YouTube. As for video codecs or file formats, YouTube lists these popular video formats as some that are acceptable for uploading:

  • WebM files
  • .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files
  • .AVI
  • .MPEG-PS
  • .WMV
  • .FLV

Editing, Tweaking the Video

After your file upload is complete, YouTube presents you with options for editing the details of your video--adding a caption, describing it, etc.-- right on the page. You'll also be presented with options for sharing the video (and to grab the code you need to post it to, say, your blog).

Edit Your YouTube Profile

It's a good idea when you're all done to go back from time to time and tweak your YouTube profile, to make sure that you have keywords in there that are appropriate for the kind of videos you are offering. This is one place that can really help optimize your content to be found in search engines. In the "About" section, make sure your channel description has the appropriate keywords people will be searching on for which you want to be found. Here you can also link to your Google+ account if you have one. And you can add any other links you want--very helpful for SEO and for marketing your own websites and services.

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