YouTube Brand Account Setup Instructions

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Sign in to YouTube or Create a New Account

YouTube business account setup
Starting point for creating a YouTube business account; ©Google.

YouTube lets you create what's called a Brand Account to give your business a presence on YouTube. This type of account is still accessed with a regular YouTube account but can use your company's name and can be managed by multiple people; whoever you assign as channel owners and managers.

If you already have a YouTube account, you can move on to the next step. Otherwise, make a new Google account in order to access YouTube, or see how to make a YouTube account if you need help.

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Make a YouTube Brand Account

Remember that this account is going to reflect your business. Use a name that does just that; don't pick a random name or use your email account username. 

However, at the same time, make it short and memorable, avoiding too many numbers or strange words that take away the fact that this is a business account.

Now that you're logged in to YouTube, follow these steps to create a Brand Account:

  1. Visit your channel list.
  2. If you already have a Brand Account, choose it from the list. Otherwise, click Create a new channel to make a new one.
  3. Name your new YouTube business account to instantly start using YouTube under the new company name.
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Add Owners and Managers to the YouTube Brand Account

Brand Accounts are different than regular YouTube accounts in that you can add owners and managers. You can read all about these Brand Account roles on Google.

Owners can add and remove other managers, remove listings, edit the business information, manage all the videos, respond to reviews, and more.

Managers can do all of those things except add/remove managers and remove listings, and communication managers can only respond to reviews and do a few other lesser managerial duties.

Here's how to add managers and owners:

  1. Sign in to YouTube with the account that created the Brand Account (the one you created or logged in with above).
  2. Click the account at the top right on YouTube and then choose the right channel from that list.
  3. Click that area of YouTube again and then click the settings/gears icon to open the channel's account settings.
  4. Click Add or remove managers from the "Managers" area.
  5. Click the MANAGE PERMISSIONS button.
  6. Choose the Invite new users icon at the top right of the Manage permission page.
  7. Enter an email address that belongs to the user you want to add.
  8. Choose a role for that user from the drop-down below the email address. Your options are Owner, Manager, and Communications manager.
  9. Click INVITE.
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