Learn How to Create a Calendar Event From a Gmail Message

Don't miss out on an event listed in an email again

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When Gmail recognizes a date and time in an email, generating a Google Calendar event based on that email is particularly easy.

Gmail recognizes the date and time and converts it to your local time zone. Then it makes the text clickable so you can mark it as an event in just a couple of clicks. Gmail even uses the message subject to recommend the event title.

Because Gmail and Google Calendar are closely integrated, you can also create an event that's tied to an email even if the message doesn't mention a date at all.

Create a Google Calendar Event From an Email

Here's how to easily create a calendar event from an email that contains a date or time:

  1. Open the email that contains the event information.
  2. Look for any lightly colored underlined text that Gmail automatically selects. 
  3. Click the date, time or date range. Small pop-up shows if any other events are scheduled at that time. Click any other event to go directly to Google Calendar for more information.
  4. Adjust the event name, time or date if needed in Gmail and then click Add to Calendar.

Click anywhere else on the page to exit the pop-up window, or click Edit in Calendar to see and make changes to the event in Google Calendar.

Make an Event When the Email Doesn't Include a Date

To add an event from an email in which Gmail did not find any date or time information:

  1. Open the message.
  2. Click the More button on Gmail's toolbar, or click the period key if you have Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled.
  1. Select Create event to open Google Calendar.
  2. Adjust the event's details as you want. Google Calendar auto-populates the event's name with the subject of the email, and the description area with the email's body contents. Edit as needed.
  3. Click Save at the top of Google Calendar to save the new event.