Create a GIF With the Giphy Cam App

Make fun GIFs from scratch to share with your friends

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There's no shortage of GIF maker apps and online GIF tools out there, and if you already know about Giphy — the internet's main GIF search engine — then you'll want to know about their dedicated GIF app that allows you to create your very own GIFs from scratch. It's called Giphy Cam.

How You Can Start Creating GIFs With Giphy Cam

Two screenshot of the Giphy Cam app for Android.

Giphy Cam lets you create a GIF by accessing the camera on your phone so you can add a few fun animation effects with a few taps and then easily share it across social media in as little as a few seconds. It's ridiculously simple (and addictive) to use, but here's a short summary of the main uses of the app anyway.

Once you've downloaded the free app for iOS or Android, the app will ask for your permission to use your camera. If you're fine with that, tap OK to see the main camera screen of the app.

Now you get to create your first GIF! It's extremely easy. Here's how to do it:

  1. Use the camera with arrows icon in the top right corner of the screen to switch the view between your front-facing or back-facing camera. 
  2. Tap the big red button once to take a quick burst of five photos that will be arranged to create your GIF, or alternatively hold the red button down to record a short looping GIF. Alternatively, you can import any existing photos, videos, GIFs or live photos you have saved to your device.
  3. Choose any filter or special effect you want in your GIF from the thumbnails below. There are several different collections that you can browse through by swiping left or right on them. Tap any effect to automatically activate it in your camera viewer to see an instant preview of your GIF with the filter or effect applied to it. 
  4. Save or share your GIF. You can save it to your device or instantly share it via text message/Facebook Messenger/Twitter/Instagram/email. You also have the option to share or save it using another app or alternatively start all over and redo the GIF altogether.

If you decide to save your GIF to your device, you might not be able to view it fully animated until you send or post it somewhere the supports GIF animation. So keep that in mind.

You might also come across a few glitches while using this app. Depending on your device and how updated your OS is, you could experience anything from a terribly slow app download to a camera viewer that freezes. The app is unfortunately not updated frequently b Giphy so you might just have to try it and see how it goes.

Some of the effects also might also take some experimentation before you get them just right. For example, the effect that creates an animation in your background will work best if you hold your device steady, under good lighting, and with nothing too busy in the background (such as by standing against a plain wall).