Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats (PS2)

Drive faster and play crazier with these cheats and unlocks

Crash Tag Team Racing
Crash Tag Team Racing. Vivendi Universal Games

The following cheats and unlocks are available for "Crash Tag Team Racing" on the PS2.


To enable a cheat: At the main menu, hold down the R1 and L1 buttons while pressing the button sequence shown below.

EffectCheat Code
Drive a toy-block car in single and multiplayerO, O, Triangle, Square
Enable higher speedsO, O, Triangle, Triangle
Get Japanese CrashSquare, O, Square, O
Enable automatic KO hit with carX, O, O, X
Disable standard death sequenceX, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Disable head-up display (HUD)X, Square, Triangle, O
Make people have chicken headsX, O, O, Square


Tier 2 weaponsBring 500 coins to the character to unlock their weapons
Crash's Tier 2 weaponBring 500 coins to chicken to unlock his weapon
Tier 3 weaponsGive each character 1 power crystal to unlock their weapon
Crash's Tier 3 weaponGive the chicken 1 power crystal to unlock his weapon
Crunch and carGive Crunch 2,500 coins
N. Gin and carGive N. Gin the Green Plutonium
Nina Cortex and carGive Nina Cortex the keys
Coco and carGive Coco fusion unit
Pasadena and carGive Pasadena 1 power crystal
Von Clutch and carGive Von Clutch 1 power crystal