Craft Gadgets to Help You Hunt Monsters in EA’s 'Wild Hearts,' Out Today

And play with friends across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

EA's take on the monster-hunting genre is out today, with Wild Hearts releasing on various systems.

As was promised in last week's preview of upcoming Xbox releases, EA's Wild Hearts is now available across multiple platforms. And you don't have to play alone—up to two friends can join in, with support for cross-platform play so everyone can use their preferred system.

Wild Hearts

Electronic Arts Inc

Not to be confused with Sayonara Wild Hearts, a surreal motorcycle and dance battle game from Annapurna Interactive, Wild Hearts is all about hunting very large and monstrous creatures. It's a genre that's gotten more popular over the years thanks in large part to Capcom's Monster Hunter series, though Wild Hearts puts a larger emphasis on gadgetry.

These tools and gadgets (called "Karakuri") can be utilized in a number of ways to help you take on any of the various monsters found in Wild Hearts' world—faster traversal, counterattack opportunities, more.

Beyond the current release, EA also intends to release a string of post-launch updates that will add new creatures, quests, weapons, armor, and more. These content updates come at "no additional cost" and will begin rolling out sometime in March.

You can get Wild Hearts today on PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X|S for $69.99. PC users can download it through the EA App, Epic Game Store, or Steam. EA Play subscribers can try it out for up to 10 hours of playtime, while EA Play Pro members will have unlimited access.

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