Co:Writer Word Prediction

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Don Johnston Incorporated

Co:Writer, developed by assistive technology pioneer Don Johnston, has been one of the most successful word prediction programs since its 1992 release. No matter how badly students misspell words, and whether they're writing a report, email, or blog post, Co:Writer can help ensure they choose the right ones.

It works with most writing applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and WordPress, and analyzes writing in real-time and offers word choices based on grammar. Plus, the program deciphers phonetic and invented spellings and misspellings with reversed or missing letters. You can get Co:Writer for Chromebooks, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

Word Prediction Eliminates the Main Barrier to Sustained Writing

Co:Writer assigns a grammatical value to each word in its many built-in topic dictionaries, enabling it to provide accurate predictions for multiple word tenses and usages.

We all use word prediction. Type Snowb into Google; the search box immediately displays a list of likely terms. You can click on snowboarding to start the search. Even if you kept typing and wrote snowbrading, Google would return snowboarding results and still offer to do a search for your misspelling.

Word prediction technology is patient and forgiving, and for many learning disabled students, it's a crucial writing aid. It's one that provides just enough assistance at the right time to keep words and thoughts moving forward. Co:Writer is designed for students who struggle with spelling and syntax, write illegibly, and have trouble translating thoughts into words.

Many word prediction programs require a student to type a full word. They use the bi-gram and tri-gram prediction methods that are based on word patterns and repeated use. The Co:Writer software takes a linguistic approach, using sentence context to predict the next word.

The program knows the grammatical value of each word in its topic dictionaries and automatically assigns grammar to new words that students add. This lets Co:Writer predict words in multiple tenses and usages. It also forgives the most egregious misspellings.

Improvements to Co:Writer since its inception include simplified, one-window functionality, a natural-sounding speech engine from Acapela, and optional sign-in for immediate program access.

Students Can Create New Topic Dictionaries in Seconds

Co:Writer comes with millions of topic dictionaries. A student clicks the Topic Dictionary button and selects a topic from the list. Each dictionary increases the availability of predictable words one may need when writing about a topic (e.g. the American Revolution).

If a student wants to write about a topic that has no dictionary, one can be easily created. An effective method is to copy text from a Wikipedia article on the desired topic, paste it into the Topic Dictionary window, and click Create. Students can further personalize Co:Writer by adding words related to their school, family, and hobbies.

What Does Co:Writer Cost?

The price for Co:Writer is different depending on whether it'll be used for personal, parental, or educational reasons versus for organizations like school districts.