Counter Hack Reloaded

A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses

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Five years after writing one of the original books in the hack attack and countermeasures genre of books, Ed Skoudis has teamed up with Tom Liston to create a revised and updated version. Counter Hack Reloaded brings Counter Hack up to date with new technologies and attack types as well as providing the information you need to protect your computer and network from being targeted by these attacks.

About The Book

Ed Skoudis and Tom Liston teamed up to revise and update Counter Hack. There have been a number of books in this genre, hack attacks and countermeasures, since Counter Hack was first written, and Skoudis spells out early in the book why he feels this contribution is still necessary. For one, he likens Counter Hack Reloaded to an encyclopedia, rather than a dictionary, providing more detail about the attacks and putting the attacks in context to convey more information than just defining the attacks. He also points out that Counter Hack reloaded presents the entire attack end to end and also includes scenarios which illustrate how the pieces are used together to orchestrate an attack.

The book provides some foundation, discussing the basics of networking protocols and the OSI model, and then goes on to discuss the basics of security in the Linux / Unix operating systems, followed by the Windows operating systems, before moving on to reconnaissance, scanning and actual attacks and countermeasures.

Counter Hack Reloaded includes information on wireless network hacks, and more in depth information on Trojan horses and back doors, reflecting current attack trends.

My Review

Ed Skoudis is a respected and knowledgeable resource in the security field. After completing Malware: Fighting Malicious Code, which is one of the best books relating specifically to viruses, and other malware threats, Skoudis teamed up with Tom Liston to write the 2nd edition of Counter Hack to update it with current technologies and attack techniques. More than half of the content is new.

While I am a huge fan of the entire Hacking Exposed series of books, and I highly recommend Hacking Exposed- 5th Edition, I feel that Counter Hack Reloaded does a better job at putting the attacks and countermeasures in context and illustrating the bigger picture of how they would or could be used rather than just giving a list of attacks and mitigations in a vacuum. The book is by no means intended for a computer novice, but for someone who is comfortable with computers and networking and wants to expand their knowledge of security, Counter Hack Reloaded is an excellent choice.

As in the original Counter Hack, the book ends with a section called Putting It All Together which provides some short story scenarios that illustrate the attack beginning to end and help to pull the information together so that the reader can understand it better.

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