Comparing Costs: iPad vs. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus vs. iPod touch

6th generation iPod touch
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Last Updated: July 20, 2015

Comparing the hardware and software features of the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPod touch is relatively easy. Comparing their costs is another matter. That's because their prices aren't as simple as just checking the price tag; you also have to factor in the cost of wireless phone and data service over months and years.

These less-obvious costs can make a device that looks like a deal very expensive over the long-term or something that seems pricey now look affordable when you consider its cost over two or more years.

This chart compares the costs of these devices over two years (the standard length of an iPhone contract) to give you a clearer picture of what owning them will truly cost. The iPhone prices listed here assume that you're getting subsidized two-year contract, with the discounted prices that come with that, rather than paying full retail price for the phone.

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Comparing Costs: iPad Air 2 & Mini 3 vs. iPhone 6 Plus & 6 vs. iPod touch

Air 2
Mini 3
iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6iPod touch
device cost$499 -
$399 -
$299 — $499$199 -
$199 -
minimum monthly 4G plan$14.99$14.99$50$50N/A
maximum monthly 4G plan$710$710$790$790N/A
required contract?NoNoNoNoNo
contract lengthN/AN/A2 years2 yearsN/A
minimum total cost of contractN/A (4G is optional)N/A (4G is optional)$1,200$1,200N/A
minimum total cost of device over 2 years$499$399$1,499$1,399$229
maximum total cost of device over 2 years$17,869$17,769$19,459$19,359$399
buyingcompare prices oncompare
prices on iPad Mini
compare compare
on iPod touch