Comparing Costs: iPad vs. iPhone 8 & X vs. iPod touch

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Comparing the hardware and software features of the iPad Pro, iPhone, and iPod touch is relatively easy (in fact, we've got a chart that compares the devices in terms of hardware and software right here!).

Comparing their costs is another matter. That's because the determining the prices of these devices isn't as simple as just checking the price tag. At least for some of them, you also have to factor in the cost of wireless phone and data service over months and years (for more on that, check out Monthly iPhone Voice and Data Rate Plans and Which Company Has the Best iPad Data Plans).

These less-obvious costs can turn a device that looks like a deal now into something that's very expensive over the long-term. On the other hand, something that seems pricey now may look affordable when you consider its cost over two or more years.

To keep this chart and comparison manageable, we're not comparing every single iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch model available. That would be too many models and the price differences would be relatively small. Instead, we've taken some popular and representative devices to give a general sense of costs for each type. The exact numbers may change a bit if you pick another model. For this chart, we're comparing:

The chart compares the costs of these devices over two years (the standard length of an iPhone contract, back when most people had contracts) to give you a clearer picture of what owning them will truly cost.

Comparing Costs: iPad Pro vs. iPhone 8 & iPhone X vs. iPod touch

iPhone 8 iPhone X iPod touch
device cost US$649 -

$699 -

$999 -
$199 -
minimum monthly
4G plan
$10 $60 $60 N/A
maximum monthly
4G plan
$710 $770 $770 N/A
minimum total cost
of 2 years of 4G service
$240 $1,440 $1,440 N/A
maximum total cost
of 2 years of 4G service
$17,040 $18,480 $18,480 N/A
minimum total cost of
device over 2 years
$649* $2,139 $2,439 $199*
maximum total cost of
device over 2 years
$18,169 $19,329 $19,629 $299

*The minimum total cost of the iPad is the same as the base price of the device because 4G LTE service for the iPad is optional.

**The minimum total cost of the iPod touch is the same as the base price of the device because the iPod touch doesn't support 4G connections.

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