How Much Is a Nintendo 3DS?

Prices have dropped since the release of the 3DS and 3DS XL

Nintendo 3ds


The Nintendo 3DS handheld game console starts around $100. At its launch in 2011, it cost $250, but the price dropped as Nintendo introduced newer products, like the 3DS XL.

The Nintendo 3DS XL, released in 2012, is larger than the 3DS. It has not just larger screens but also a thicker overall size with bigger buttons and a circle pad, plus a longer-lasting battery. This is why it is more expensive than the 3DS, priced at around $175 to $200.

Because both of these consoles have been out for a while, refurbished units can be found online at a lower price.

Nintendo no longer promotes the 3DS on its website, choosing instead to focus the 3DS XL, which makes the 3DS harder to find.

Where to Buy the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo consoles can be purchased from a variety of places, but you'll notice that the ones bundled with games or special cases cost extra.

For example, you can buy the 3DS or 3DS XL on Amazon, such as this white 3DS Super Mario 3D Land Edition. This particular device comes bundled with Super Mario 3D, so the price is higher.

The Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles are also available from GameStop and Walmart.

Nintendo's website lists other retailers that offer the 3DS XL including Best Buy and Target.

More Information on the Nintendo 3DS

If you bought your Nintendo 3DS before August 12, 2011, and have accessed the Nintendo eShop at least once, you may qualify for the Ambassador Program. The program grants you 20 free downloadable games — 10 classic NES games and 10 Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo started the program in recognition of players who bought the game console before the dramatic price drop caused by the release of the 3DS XL.

The Nintendo 3DS isn't packed with any game cartridges, but the system itself comes preloaded with some cool stuff. For example, each 3DS comes with six augmented reality cards. When you place these AR cards on a flat surface and train the outward cameras of the 3DS on them, they spring to life as 3D minigames.

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