Corsair Launches New K70 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Boasts durability and high responsiveness

Hardware company, Corsair, has revealed its newest mechanical gaming keyboard, the full-sized K70 RGB Pro.

Corsair claims the K70 RGB Pro has lightning-fast responsiveness and long durability thanks to the company's AXON processing technology, aluminum frame, and double-shot keycaps. The keyboard also comes with numerous customization options like a magnetic palm rest and the ability to customize its backlight.

K70 RGB Pro keyboard


Because of AXON, the K70 RGB Pro can process key presses at 4,000Hz and transmit those inputs to the computer at 8,000Hz. According to Corsair, this makes the K70 RGB Pro processing eight times faster than standard gaming keyboards.

Speed is can mean the difference between winning or losing a game. To facilitate this speed, the K70 RGB Pro is built with a durable form factor, as seen with the double-shot keypads, which refers to the two layers of plastic molded onto each other. This ensures the keys last longer against repeated usage.

Underneath the keypads are CHERRY MX keyswitches for a smooth and responsive press. The switches come in five different options: red, blue, and brown, plus a Speed and Silent version, with the former enabling even faster response time while the latter takes away the clacking sound synonymous with mechanical keyboards.

K70 RGB Pro on desk


Other features include a tournament switch that locks the backlighting so it won't distract players and disables macros, a detachable palm rest for added comfort, and support for iCUE so you can customize the backlighting however you wish. 

The K70 RGB Pro is on sale with pricing between $160 to $170, depending on which CHERRY MX keyswitches you choose.

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