Will Corel Ventura Run on a Windows 7 Computer?

Corel Ventura 10 Box shot courtesy of Corel Corp.
Corel Ventura 10. Box shot courtesy of Corel Corp.

Question: Will Corel Ventura Run on a Windows 7 Computer?

Note: Corel Ventura hasn't been updated since version 10 in 2002. However, computers and operating systems have continued to evolve. Ventura users have had mixed results when using the program under Windows 7. The trick to using it with Windows 7 varies from one user to the next. Copying certain files from the Ventura disk over to the harddrive, running in XP mode, or using programs such as Virtual Box are the solutions offered by users.


Yes, according to many users, Corel Ventura will run on a computer with Windows 7.

Here's a rundown of methods culled directly from comments found in a blog post. I've omitted comments not directly related to running Ventura under Windows 7. I am not a Ventura user and cannot vouch for any of these methods. Try these at your own risk.

Ventura 10 and Windows 7

First, you need to know what XP Mode means and its limitations. Running XP Mode will depend on the edition of Windows 7 that you have installed.

  • Windows XP Mode Clarification
    • "'Windows XP Mode' is not available to all users of Windows 7. Only users of Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate get XP Mode built in."
  • Windows XP Mode
    • From Microsoft, running XP Mode in Windows 7
  • Windows Virtual PC
    • Unfortunately, "Windows Virtual PC is no longer available for use as of Windows 8."
  • Hyper-V WMI Provider (v2)
    • The replacement for Windows Virtual PC. Unknown if this will work for running Ventura under an XP environment.
  • VirtualBox
    • Use this to run multiple versions of Windows on a single machine.
  1. Nick Holmes says: I have been advised v 10 will run in virtual XP mode, so what you need to do is:
    • right click on the program icon
    • select Properties
    • select Compatibility tab
    • check Run this program in compatibility mode for:
    • select the XP SP 2 option
  2. Chris H. says: My solution was to install Virtual Box and install XPpro into it.. works like a charm.. you can read about how I did did it here in my blog.
  3. Farny says: (native Win 7 mode, not XP compatibility mode) For those having problems, the secret is finding mfc42.dll on the Ventura DVD disk and copying it to C:\programs\corelventura10\programs before installing Ventura 10.
  4. Chris says: Forget Virtual Machines, VP 10 works better than ever before in W7:
    • To install, use SETUP32, run it with XP(SP3) compatibility mode.
    • After installing, run the patch Ventura10Patch.exe (download from the web).
    • Then copy the “MFC42.dll” from your VP 10 DVD to …\Programs\CorelVentura10\Programs.
  5. Additionally, long-time Ventura user Carol Lovelady writes: "Ventura works with Windows 7. Anyone needing more information can get to me through my ​website.

    Ventura and Windows 8

    Whether or not Corel Ventura will run under Windows 8 is still an unknown. For one thing, Windows 8 does not support Windows XP Mode so that option is not available. However, Oracle's VirtualBox may still be an option as it may allow you to run XP or Windows 7 concurrent with Windows 8 assuming the program will be updated to support Windows 8. It's also possible the Hyper-V WMI Provider (v2) from Microsoft may allow for running XP or 7 virtually on a Windows 8 machine. No word yet from Ventura users as most have not yet tried upgrading to Windows 8.

    Using Corel Ventura