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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Box shot © Corel Corp.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. © Corel Corp.

Founded in 1985, Corel Corporation has long been known primarily for its graphics software and digital imaging products. Corel produces products frequently considered strong alternatives to Adobe and Microsoft. Once a top choice for page layout, Corel Ventura -- version 10 was released in 2002 -- is not currently a frontrunner in the Corel product line. However, CorelDRAW, much like Adobe Illustrator, is often used for graphics-intensive page layout tasks.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is Corel's answer to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The suite includes CorelDRAW for vector drawing, Photo-Paint for photo editing, PowerTRACE, and CAPTURE along with over 10,000 pieces of clip art and other images, 1000 fonts, 100 templates, Bitstream Font Navigator for managing all your fonts. The illustration component CorelDRAW, like Adobe Illustrator, is often used for page layout. New Features in CorelDRAW X5 ( Graphics Software)

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 for Windows
As of September 2010 there are 3 CorelDRAW X5 Suites: Standard, Professional (adds Web/Flash components), and Home & Student (removes some of the pro features of the Standard edition including print separations).

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Corel PaintShop Photo Pro:

Formerly Jasc Paint Shop Pro, an extremely popular low-cost alternative to Photoshop, Corel has added a lot of digital photography features. In addition to photo editing and enhancing, it also includes artistic text, and photo organization tools. It's latest incarnation, and one of Corel's leading brands in 2010, is as Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 (released January 2010).

Other Corel Digital Imaging and Graphics Software:

Corel offers Snapfire, Photo Album, and other extras in its Digital Imaging line. Corel Painter is natural-media painting and illustration software designed to mimic traditional artists tools. Corel Designer comes in Professional and Technical Suite versions and handles technical illustration tasks including diagrams and schematics.

WordPerfect Office:

The longtime rival to Microsoft Word, WordPerfect Office comes in standard, professional, home & student, and home office editions each with its own mix of word processing and other office applications and extras.

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Corel Ventura:

Once a top choice for page layout when it was Ventura Publisher, Corel Ventura is not currently a frontrunner in the Corel product line. Corel Ventura 10 is found primarily in business publishing and excels at long document publishing. XML Import, Publish to PDF, Table Tags, Prepress/Preflight options, and Bitmap effects were some of the enhancements to the software. Released in 2002, version 10 also works better with both Adobe and Corel Graphics programs than earlier versions.

Ventura 10 for Windows.

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Corel Corporation:

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Where to Buy Corel Software:

Corel products can be found at various retail outlets such as Office Depot and Best Buy. You can also purpose direct from Corel as well as from other online merchants.

How to Get Corel Software for Free:

Get a fully functional 30-day trial edition of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Many other Corel products including Corel PaintShop Photo Pro, Corel WordPerfect Office, and Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite are also offered in trial editions. These are full versions. If you like the product, purchase an activation code.