How to Copy & Paste Without Right-Click in Windows Hotmail

A Simple Alternative

Hand on computer mouse
Copying and pasting without right-clicking. Westend61 / Getty Images

If you're used to easy right-click menu access to pasting and copying text in your applications, chances are Windows Live Hotmail is a somewhat shocking experience. No right-click context menu! No cutting and pasting?

No worries. While Windows Live Hotmail may lack a right-click menu with Copy and Paste items in the message area, it does a provide a way to paste text and even formatted web pages.

Copy and Paste Without Right-Click Menu Options in Windows Live Hotmail

To copy and paste in Windows Live Hotmail and other web-based email services that lack a right-click context menu in the editing area:

  • Highlight the text you want to copy or cut, or position the cursor where you want to paste.
    • Copy: Press Ctrl-C (hold down the Ctrl and press C) to copy.
      • On a Mac, use Command-C (press C while holding down the Apple key).
    • Paste: Press Ctrl-V (press V while holding down the Ctrl key) to paste.
      • On a Mac, use Command-V (hold down the Apple key and press V).
    • Cut: Press Ctrl-X (Command-X on a Mac) to cut text or images.