How to Copy, Paste or Cut Text When You Can't Right Click

Businessman at workstation in modern office
Gary Burchell / Getty Images

Every text field has a right-click context menu to copy, paste and cut text or images. No easy text manipulation without such menu. Right?

Unfortunately, not all text fields are equipped with handy context menus. Fortunately, that does not mean you cannot copy, cut or paste text easily.

If you find yourself in Windows Live Hotmail, for example, without the context you're used to, you can either employ the toolbar buttons (Cut Text, Copy Text and Paste Text; right at the toolbar's beginning) or use universal keyboard shortcuts.

Copy, Paste or Cut Text Without a Context Menu

To copy text:

  • Highlight the content you want to copy with the mouse.
  • Press Ctrl-C (Windows and Linux) or Command-C (Mac).

To paste text:

  • Position the text cursor where you want to paste.
  • Press Ctrl-V (Windows and Linux) or Command-V (Mac).

To cut text:

  • Highlight the desired content with the mouse.
  • Press Ctrl-X (Windows and Linux) or Command-X (Mac).

To undo the last action or text input:

  • Press Ctrl-Z (Windows and Linux) or Command-Z (Mac).