How to Use Your Contacts on Another Computer

Save your address book as a file that you can transfer to other devices

What to Know

  • Export contacts: At, select People > All contacts > Manage > Export Contacts > Export to generate the contacts.csv file.
  • Import contacts: Transfer .csv file to computer. In, select People > Manage > Import contacts > Browse. Choose contacts.csv.

This article explains how to how to use your contacts on another computer or share the information with someone by exporting your contact list to a shareable file and then importing it to another computer or sending it through email or a file-sharing site. Instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Export the Address Book to a CSV File

To use your contacts list on another computer or share it with another person, export the address book entries to a CSV file, a format that most email clients support. Then, import the file to another computer, and use your contacts there.

The screenshots in this article use the classic interface. The new interface looks slightly different but the process works the same way.

  1. Go to and select People.

    People icon in Office 365 on the Web
  2. Select the All contacts check box.

    All Contacts checkbox in Outlook
  3. Select Manage.

    Manage tab in Outlook on the web
  4. Select Export Contacts.

    Export contacts menu item in Outlook on the web
  5. Select Export.

    Export button in Outlook on the web
  6. A contacts.csv file will being downloading to your computer.

  7. On your desktop, navigate to the Downloads folder. Save the contacts.csv file to a folder you can later retrieve or to a flash drive if you plan to move the file physically.

Use the Address Book File on a Different Computer

Here's how to import your address book to a different email client or to a different email account:

  1. Insert the flash drive that contains the address book file into the computer or retrieve it from an email or file-sharing site.

  2. Open

  3. Select People > Manage > Import contacts.

    Import contacts menu item in Outlook on the web
  4. Select Browse.

    Browse button in Outlook Import contacts dialog
  5. Choose the contacts.csv file and select Open.

    Open button for contacts.csv file in Outlook on the web
  6. Select either Upload or Import.

    Upload button for contacts import in Outlook
  7. A confirmation message will appear saying the address book was imported correctly.

    Import successful message in Outlook on the web
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