How to Copy or Import Google Calendars

Copy, merge or move Google Calendar events

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Google Calendar maintains multiple calendars at once through a single Google account, if you so choose. Fortunately, Google makes copying events from one calendar to another is simple. Merging multiple Google Calendars lets you easily share just one calendar with others, join events from several calendars into one single unified calendar, and back up your calendars with ease. You also can copy single events between calendars if you don't want to move the entire calendar.

How to Copy Google Calendars

Copying all events from one Google Calendar into another requires you to first export the calendar, after which you can import the calendar file into a separate calendar.

Here's how to do it through the Google Calendar website:

  1. Find the My Calendars section on the left side of Google Calendar.

  2. Click the arrow next to the calendar you want to copy, and choose Calendar settings.

  3. Choose the Export this calendar link in the Export Calendar section near the bottom of the screen.

  4. Save the file somewhere you'll remember.

  5. Find the ZIP file you just downloaded and extract the ICS file, also saving it somewhere you can easily find. You should be able to right-click the archive to find an extraction option.

  6. Go back to Google Calendar and click the settings gear icon at the top right, and choose Settings from that menu.

  7. Click Calendars at the top of the Calendar Settings page to view all your calendars.

  8. Below your calendars, click the Import calendar link.

  9. Use the Choose File button to open the ICS file from step 5.

  10. Select the dropdown menu in the Import calendar window to choose which calendar the events should be copied to.

  11. Click Import to copy all of the calendar events to that calendar.

If you want to delete the original calendar so you don't have duplicate events spread about multiple calendars, revisit step 2 above and choose Permanently delete this calendar from the very bottom of the Calendar Details page.

How to Copy, Move, or Duplicate Google Calendar Events

Instead of copying a whole calendar full of events, you can move individual events between your calendars as well as make copies of specific events.

  1. Click on an event that you'd like to move or copy, and choose Edit event.

  2. From the More Actions drop-down menu, choose Duplicate Event or Copy to.

  3. To actually move the calendar event to a different calendar, just change the calendar it's assigned to from the Calendar drop-down.

What Does Copying, Merging, and Duplicating Actually Do?

Google Calendar can show multiple calendars at once, overlaid atop all the others so that they look like they're just one single calendar. Maintaining several calendars, each with a separate purpose or topic in mind, is perfectly acceptable, and many Google Calendar users find this a very useful feature.

You can manipulate these calendars for specific purposes, too. You can copy single events and put them in other calendars, duplicate events and keep them in the same calendar, copy entire calendars to new calendars, and merge all of one calendar's events with another.

Copying just one event to a different calendar might be useful for a personal group or event — for example, if you want to make a birthday party event that's only on your calendar exist on a different calendar (say, one you're sharing with friends). This avoids showing all of your personal events with the shared calendar.

If you do want to merge a whole calendar with another, you are better off copying the entire calendar of events into a new or existing calendar. This avoids having to move every single calendar event one by one.

Duplicating an event is useful if you want to make another event that's very similar without having to type most of it out again by hand. Duplicating an event is also useful if you want to keep the same (or similar) event in multiple calendars.