Copy Music from CDs Using Real Player

Access your music from your computer

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Real Player, like Microsoft Windows Media Player, is a popular music management program. As one of its core features, this program by RealNetworks has the ability to copy (or rip) music from CDs and store the music files on a hard drive. From there, you can organize music by genre, artist, and title, as well as play the music on your computer or transfer the music files to an MP3 player.

Instructions in this article apply to RealPlayer 16 using Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Copy Music to Your Computer

Copying the songs on a music CD to your computer with RealPlayer is easy and only takes about 5 to 15 minutes.

  1. Insert the music CD into the computer CD drive.

  2. If the Audio CD window appears, select Take No Action, then choose OK.

  3. In the Windows Start Search box, enter realplayer, then select RealPlayer from the search results.

    RealPlayer icon in Windows Start Menu
  4. Go to the Library tab, then choose CD/DVD.

    CD/DVD option in left pane in RealPlayer
  5. Real Player reads the number of songs on the CD and displays them as unnamed tracks. To change the track name, you have three options:

    • Right-click each listing and manually name it.
    • If the device is online, allow Real Player to automatically download the information.
    • If the device is not online, connect to the internet, select Organize, then choose CD Info to download the information.
    CD info option menu item in RealPlayer
  6. Select Organize, then choose Save Tracks.

    Save Tracks option in RealPlayer
  7. In the Save Tracks dialog box, select the check boxes next to the tracks you wish to save.

    Tracks to select in RealPlayer
  8. To change the default settings, select Change Settings to open the Preferences dialog box.

    Preferences screen in RealPlayer
  9. In the Select a Format list, choose a music file format to save the tracks.

    MP3 is the most common music file format and is universally supported by portable audio players.

  10. In the Select a Quality Level section, change the bitrate, which is the audio quality.

    Higher numbers create a better sound and a larger file size.

  11. To change the location where the copied CD is saved, go to the Category pane, expand Library & Device Sharing, and choose File Storage. Then, go to the Music location and choose Browse.

    Browse button in RealPlayer
  12. In the Preferences dialog box, select OK to apply the changes.

  13. In the Save Tracks dialog box, select the Play CD While Saving check box to listen to the music as Real Player copies it. Clear the check box if you don't want to listen to the music.

    If you choose to listen, the music may sound slightly choppy as the computer multi-tasks.

    Play CD while saving checkbox
  14. Select OK to copy the music on the CD to the computer. The screen shows track names, the download status, and a progress bar. In the Status column, uncopied songs display as Pending and copied songs display as Saved. As a file is copied, a progress bar shows how much of the file has been copied to the computer.

    Pending status in RealPlayer
  15. When all of the songs have been copied, remove the CD from the computer.