Learn to Copy an Image's Web Address in Microsoft Edge

See an image you like on the internet? Copy its URL

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Microsoft Edge was developed by Microsoft and is included in the company's Windows 10 operating system, where it replaces Internet Explorer as the default web browser. Edge is missing the familiar address bar that runs across the top of most web browsers. In Edge, it appears halfway down the webpage when you click in the area that serves as the address bar, which is a little confusing to some users. Nevertheless, Microsoft encourages its use because it offers features not available in earlier browsers for Windows computers.

When you run across a specific image on the internet that you want to save for future reference, one way to save it is to copy that image's web address — its URL. That way you can easily return to the image whenever you want. Here's how you do this using Microsoft Edge.

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Copying an Image URL in Microsoft Edge

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Before you start this step-by-step guide to copying an image's web address in Microsoft Edge, set up a folder or file for this information.

  • In the Microsoft Edge browser, go to the webpage with the image.
  • Right-click on the image for which you want to copy the URL. Select Copy (not Copy picture) from the menu that appears.
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Using Inspect Element

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  • If you don't see Copy in the menu, select Inspect element from the menu instead.
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Locating an Image Tag

Screenshot of locating an Image Tag Microsoft Edge


  • Look for the next <img> tag under DOM Explorer.
  • Double-click the URL that appears under the src attribute for that <img> tag.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy the URL and then paste it to the file or folder you prepared to save the information using Ctrl+V.

Whenever you want to return to the image, copy the URL you saved and paste it into your browser.