Copy the Email Addresses from a Message in Mac Mail

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There may be times you'll want to copy the complete address — including the name dressed up in nice, standard fashion — of an email's sender in Mac OS X Mail.

Unfortunately, highlighting the email address and clicking Command+C does not have the desired effect. And, alas, clicking the down arrow next to the address and selecting any of the items (Copy Address, for example) is to no avail, either.

So what is the confused Mac OS X Mail user to do? Looking for workarounds, she finds not one, not four, not three, but two.

Copy the Complete Email Address of a Sender in Mac OS X Mail

To copy a sender's full email address in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Press Command+Option+U while looking at the message.
  • Look for a line starting with "From: " in the top block of text.
  • Highlight all of the email address you want to copy.
  • Press Command+C.


  • Press Command+R to create a reply.
  • In the To: field, click on the email address's down arrow. (To see the arrow, position the mouse over the email address.)
  • Select Edit Address.
  • Press Command+C.