Copy the Email Addresses from a Message in Mac Mail

It's easy to do with the menu and keyboard shortcuts

What to Know

  • Click the small arrow next to the address.
  • Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

This article describes how to copy the address of an email's sender in macOS Mail.

Copy the Email Address of a Sender

To copy a sender's full email address in macOS Mail:

  1. Click the small arrow next to the sender's address. Alternatively, right-click the address.

    Email address in macOS Mail
  2. Click Copy Address (or any of the other options, such as Add to Contacts) in the list that drops down.

    Drop-down menu next to address in macOS Mail
  3. Press Command+V anywhere you'd like to paste the address (for example, the address line in a new email or in a document).

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