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You May Never Need to Access YouTube from a Computer Again

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YouTube's mobile apps have come a long way over the past few years. It's now easier than ever to navigate, it has pretty much all the necessary features that the web version has (without seeming cluttered) and it allows you to stream HD videos instantly in full screen.

To make the most of your YouTube mobile app experience, it's worth getting familiar with some of the most useful features. Here are a few tips and tricks to start using immediately.

Seamlessly Switch Between Multiple Accounts

If you already use YouTube from the desktop web, you can make sure that all of your home feed suggestions, subscriptions and profile settings are all synced up to your mobile app by simply signing into your account within the app. If you have multiple Google accounts each with its own YouTube account as well, the YouTube app makes it easy for you to add multiple accounts so you can easily switch between them.

Just tap the profile icon in the top menu, tap the three dots in the top screen, tap "Switch account" from the bottom menu and tap "+ Add account" to sign in to your account. All the accounts to sign in to from here will be listed so you can tap any one of them to switch to it anytime you want.

Apply Filters and Music to Videos You Upload Through the App

In addition to being able to edit your video directly through the YouTube app, you can also style it up by instantly applying filters to it (similar to how Instagram filters work). You can also preview exactly how your video will look with any filter.

The YouTube app has a really great music feature that comes with a built-in library of tracks plus the ability to connect to the music on your device if you want to use your own tracks instead. When you're editing your video, tap the music note icon to see a list of featured tracks or switch to the "Genre & Mood" tab to browse for something that you want to have a particular sound to it.

Keep Watching Videos as You Browse Through the App

Perhaps one of the best features the current YouTube app version offers is the ability to minimize a video you're currently playing so it continues to play in a small box in the bottom right corner while you go about browsing. To do this, simply tap the downward arrow in the top left corner of the video.

You can continue browsing through the YouTube app as the video plays normally, but keep in mind that if you tap to watch a new video, it will stop the minimized video to take over playing. You can also tap the minimized video to pull it back up into the main screen again or swipe left on it to stop it.

Easily See Which Subscribed Channels Have New Videos

If you're subscribed to a lot of channels on YouTube and many of them upload one or more videos every week, then you could end up wasting a lot of time scrolling through your subscriber feed (marked by the player icon in the top menu) as you look for the channels you're most interested in watching. Lucky for you, YouTube has an extra little feature at the top of your subscriber feed to help you browse quicker for new videos from specific channels.

As long as you're subscribed to a few channels, you'll see their profile photos in a horizontal list at the top, which you can browse through by swiping left to right (or tapping the arrow to see the full list in a new tab). The ones that have blue dots beneath their photos have new videos. This way, you don't have to scroll through every new video that was most recently uploaded in the feed below.

Instantly Start Watching on a YouTube-Enabled TV

Lots of televisions and gaming consoles now come with apps that integrate with other popular services, including YouTube. You can actually pair your YouTube account from your mobile device to your TV so that you can beam your videos over to your TV to watch them on a bigger screen.

To do this, tap the profile tab in the YouTube app and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Next, tap "Settings" and then tap "Watch on TV." Follow the instructions and enter the pair code from your television to connect it to your device.

Quickly Add Videos to a Playlist or Save Them to Watch Later

When a video looks good but you don't have the time to watch it right away, you can always add it to your "Watch Later" list, which can be accessed anytime from your profile tab. Whenever you're browsing through video titles within the app, look for the three dots beside the video thumbnail. This will pull up a menu that will allow you to instantly add the video to your Watch Later list, or alternatively to a new or existing playlist.

You can also do this for lengthy videos you started watching but want to finish later or rewatch another time. When you're watching a video, look for the icon at the top that looks like three horizontal lines with a plus sign beside it. This will pull up the menu that allows you to add it to your Watch Later list or a playlist.

Once you start familiarizing yourself with the YouTube app and all of its features, you might just find that it's way more enjoyable to use on a mobile device than it is on the regular web. Happy watching!

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