8 Cool Minecraft Commands for Awesome Gameplay

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When you enable cheats in Minecraft, the chat window automatically suggests helpful commands, but there are tons of cheats that the game doesn't mention. Here are some cool Minecraft commands you might not know about.

Some of these cheats may not be available in your version of Minecraft since new commands are frequently being added and removed from the game.

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Teleport Anywhere: /Tp

The Minecraft teleport command is by far one of the most useful cheats. You can teleport to specific coordinates using the following syntax:

/tp Player x y z

Once you have the hang of how coordinates work, you can quickly warp to important locations across your world. It's also possible to teleport to any player or object using the /tp command by replacing the coordinates with a name.

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Locate Nearby Objects: /locate

Looking for the nearest village, mansion, or mineshaft? With the locate command, you can pinpoint the coordinates of nearby objects like so:

/locate buriedtreasure

The above command returns the coordinates of the closest buried treasure. Use this information with the teleport command to quickly get where you need to be.

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Count Objects: /testfor

With the /testfor command, you can count the number of players, mobs, and other objects within a given area. For example, the following command returns the number of llamas in a 100-block radius of coordinates 75X, 64Y, 75Z:

/testfor @e[x=75,y=64,z=75,r=100,type=llama]
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Control the Time of Day: /time set

It's possible to set the exact time of day for your Minecraft world. Use the following set up:

/time set 0

The above command sets the time to dawn. Midday represents 6000, dusk is 12,000, and midnight is 18,000. Play around with the numbers in between to control time incrementally.

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Ride Any Creature: /ride

You can ride animals in Minecraft by taming them, but using the ride command cheat is much easier:

/ride Player mob

Whichever mob you choose will spawn under you. You won't be able to control them, but it's fun to hitch a ride on a bat. You can even ride upon the shoulders of other players.

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Share Your World: /seed

A seed code is a unique ID assigned to each Minecraft world. To find your seed code, enter this command:


You can then share your seed code with friends so that they can generate an exact replica of your world. You can also do a Google Search to find Minecraft seed codes shared by other players.

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Control Where You Spawn: /setworldspawn

Want to always spawn in the same place when you start the game? Use the following syntax to set specific coordinates:

/setworldspawn x y z

If you omit the coordinates, your current coordinates will become the spawn point for your world.

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Clone Blocks: /clone

The clone command comes in handy when building villages since you can essentially copy and paste entire structures. You can define a range of blocks to copy and a location to paste them using the following syntax:

/clone x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 x3 y3 z3

The first set of x/y/z variables represents the starting point for the range, and the second set is the endpoint. The third set is the location where you want to paste the copied blocks. You'll need to do a little math, but it's easier than rebuilding the same structure over and over again.

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