Cool iPad Backgrounds and Home Screen Images

One of the easiest ways to make your iPad look different than the rest is to download a custom image and use it for your lock screen's background or the wall paper on your iPad's home screen.  With the iPad's new feature causing the icons to seemingly float above the image, pictures of space from NASA are particularly cool.  But any image can make a great custom background for your iPad.

Need help getting the image to your iPad? You can save most photos on the web by holding your finger down on the photo in the Safari browser. This will bring up the option to download to your iPad.

Don't know how to set the background image on an iPad? You can change your background through the iPad's settings in the Wallpaper section. (Get help setting the iPad background wallpaper).

Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014

Image by NASA

The classic picture of the stars as a background image is taken to the next level with the Hubble Space Telescope.  The Hubble Ultra Deep Field galaxies are 5-10 billion light years away.   This makes the galaxy pictured relatively young, only a hundred billion years or so after the Big Bang.

The Blue Marble

Image by NASA

While it looks like a single photo, this image is actually many different photos stitched together to create an extremely detailed image of Earth.  You can view the entire set of images on

The Moon

Image by NASA

 Did you know the moon is almost 250,000 miles away?  And while "once in a blue moon" might seem rare, it is actually a lot more common.  A "blue moon" is a second full moon during the month, and it happens on average almost once a year.  

Into the Sun

Image by NASA

This planet's atmosphere is about 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit.  So it's safe to say that life as we know it doesn't exist on its surface.  But if it did, they'd have a pretty cool view of the sunset.


Flickr user Jay-P

 This beautiful picture can certainly make a pretty cool lock screen. There are a lot of wonderful pictures on Flickr that can make great backgrounds.  This one is by Flickr user Jay-P.

Shanghai Skyline

Flickr user gags9999

Another great photo from Flickr, this one is of a very colorful Shanghai. This photo was contributed to Flickr by gags9999

Find Great Background Pictures on Google

Like what you see here but don't see anything perfect? You can always do an image search on Google for "iPad Backgrounds" to find the best iPad background images, or type in any phrase that describes exactly how you want your background or home screen to look.