Send Cool Greeting Cards on Facebook

Personal Messages Right From Your Profile

Send greeting cards to all your friends right from your Facebook profile with the Cool Greeting Cards application. There are greeting cards of all types of Cool Greetings including cards for birthdays, holidays, parties, relationships, celebrations, friendships and cards with humor, love, sexy, funny and edgy content.

The cards are professionally done and look great. You can add audio and music to your cards to add a little extra personality.

There are even sound effects listed on the app that you can use to get a reaction from your cards.

  1. Go to the Cool Greeting Cards application page on Facebook and click on the "Add Application" button. On the next page click on "Add Cool Greeting Cards."


  2. You'll be immediately brought to a page where you can choose, and browse through, all the cards that are available on Cool Greeting Cards. You can browse by clicking on the arrows or you can choose a category and choose from there. Click on a card to see what it looks like.


  3. When you've chosen the card you want to send you can add the name of the person you want to send the card to. Start typing your friend's name (must be a Facebook friend) and similar names will pop up. Choose the friend you want to send the card to from the list.


  4. In the next box type a personal message for your friend that you want to be sent along with the card.


  5. Choose a sound effect or music for your card from the drop down list. There's music, kissing sounds, farts, laughing, rapping, Morse code and a whole lot more.


  1. To see what the sound effect sounds like, choose it from the drop-down list, then click on the little arrow next to it.


  2. When you're finished personalizing your greeting card click on "Send Your Card."


  • See the cards you've sent by clicking on the "Sent Cards" tab at the top of the Cool Greeting Cards page.


  • See the cards you've received by clicking on the "Received Cards" tab at the top of the Cool Greeting Cards page.


  • Invite a friend to send Cool Greeting Cards. You'll earn points for this giving you more opportunities to send more cards.


  • Send more cards from the "Send Cards" tab.