How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Word

Insert PowerPoint slides into a Word document as individual images

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Although you cannot convert a Microsoft PowerPoint document into a Microsoft Word document, Word's Insert from File tool supports one-click import of one or more slides from a PowerPoint presentation as images within a Word file.

This procedure works for Microsoft Word 2019, 2016, Word for Mac, and Word for Office 365.

How to Insert PowerPoint Slides Into a Word Document

From within Word:

  1. Select the Insert menu and from the Content group, click Add from Files.

    The drop-down displays current files. Click Show More Files to browse the filesystem as needed.

    Word insert files menu
  2. Open the relevant PowerPoint file. An Insert From File panel opens to the right of the Word window. From it, each slide displays. Click each slide to insert it into the document. The slide appears as an image, so it cannot be edited except with photo tools.

    Insert powerpoint slides into word
  3. As necessary, use the Picture Format menu to adjust each inserted slide.


In old versions of Microsoft Office, it sometimes made sense to export PowerPoint content into Word to mark it up with specialized speakers notes and related information. However, PowerPoint has advanced such that these workarounds not longer prove as helpful.

In PowerPoint, you're free to export presentations in many different structures, to PDF, several image formats, several movie formats, and a rich-text outliner format. Consider using these export formats as an alternative to a multi-step Word process.