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Update: The Convertii website has been down since January of 2015. Be sure to check out my list of other free PDF to Word converters for an alternative to Convertii.

Convertii is a free online PDF to Word converter (PDF to DOCX) that features quick conversions and Dopbox integration. It also supports converting to additional formats, listed below.

There are some limitations with Convertii, as you'll see below, but it's still a nice service if you're looking for a fast and free PDF to Word converter.

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How Convertii Converts PDFs

There are two ways to convert a PDF with Convertii.

The first is by uploading a PDF file no larger than 5 MB to the Convertii website. Once uploaded, you'll get an email when the file has been converted. Just click the download link from the email to open it in a browser and download the DOCX file.

The other way to convert PDFs is to give your Convertii account access to your Dropbox account. Then, just place a PDF in the designated Dropbox folder and wait for Convertii to make the conversion. The DOCX file will show up in the same folder as the PDF without ever having to go to the Convertii website.

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Limitations with Convertii

If you register with Convertii, you're able to convert up to 3 PDFs per month that are under 5 MB in size. However, if you refer friends to make a free account, you can get a maximum of 30 additional conversions a month. Unregistered, guest users can only convert 3 PDFs for life

Also, Convertii does not convert password protected PDFs.

My Thoughts on Convertii

Being an online PDF converter, I already like the idea of Convertii - there's nothing to download and install to use the service.

Any time I've ever needed to convert a PDF, it was completely spontaneous; for just one quick project. This is a perfect scenario to use Convertii. It's super easy and quick to just upload a PDF and have the download link sent directly to your email.

In addition, if you're planning on using the free version a few times a month, the Dropbox integration is really neat and even easier than the online tool. While testing Convertii, I placed a PDF in the correct Dropbox folder. After a few minutes, the DOCX file was uploaded to my account and put right next to the PDF, which was really convenient.

I converted two PDFs to DOCX files with Convertii and found the alignment of the font and images to come out correctly and nearly identical to the original PDF, which is exactly what I was after.

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