How to Convert Video to Audio

Easily extract MP3 audio from video files

What to Know

  • The easiest way to convert video to audio is with a free online tool. We recommend and
  • Open > MUSIC Converters > MP3 > Choose Files > Find your video > Open > Convert To MP3.
  • To convert YouTube videos without downloading them, go to > paste the video URL into the search bar > Start MP3.

This article outlines how to convert video to audio on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices using and

How to Convert Video to an Audio File with

The easiest way to change video to audio is to use one of the numerous websites that perform the entire conversion process on their servers for free.

One of the best file converter websites is as it has minimal advertising, supports a wide variety of file type conversions (including MP3), and can be accessed via any web browser.

Most video podcasts have audio versions available on podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor, and iTunes.

  1. Open in your preferred web browser.

    screenshot of the freeconvert site
  2. Under MUSIC Converters, click MP3.

    The MP3 item to select on freeconvert site.

    Don’t click on any of the banner ads on the web page as these will take you to a completely different website.

  3. Click Choose Files to upload a video from your device.

    FreeConvert video to MP3 conversion website.

    All major video and audio file types are supported which means that this site can also be used as an MP4 to MP3 audio converter.

  4. Your device’s file explorer should open. Use it to find the video you want to convert and click Open or Done.

    The Open button
  5. You should now see your video file’s name and file size on the web page. Click Convert To MP3 to upload it to the FreeConvert servers and begin the conversion process.

    The Convert to MP3 button
  6. Once your video has finished being processed, the word Done will appear. Click Download MP3 to download your new MP3 audio file to your device.

    The Download MP3 button

How to Capture Audio From YouTube Videos

Ripping audio from a YouTube video can also be done via the above method but first, you’ll need to download the YouTube video to your device before you can upload it to the FreeConvert website. Downloading YouTube videos can be done on all operating systems such as Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

You can also save videos from other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok and extract their audio the same way. Videos saved from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch video game recordings can also be used.

If you’d much rather skip the downloading process and jump straight to the MP3 conversion, this can be done on by pasting the YouTube video’s web address or URL into the search bar, clicking Start, and then selecting MP3 from the download options.

You can also get audio from YouTube videos using an array of tools, including Audacity, with a little work.

Once you have your MP3 file, you can open it in your usual audio app or send it to your smartphone for listening when on-the-go. If you have trouble finding the ripped audio file, try checking your web browser’s Downloads folder.